Can’t Let, won’t let go

firstly a disclaimer. I live in a small flat and do not have the room. Right, now that’s out of the way Old consoles. I love you, new consoles come join us, the more the merrier. I just can’t stop, can’t let go. It’s my problem, my addiction, to list a few of the ones […]

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Fantasia Music Evolved

A little self induldence in here.  Please forgive me ☺️ In fact’ I’m going to say something that is not too popular on this site or really any other for that matter. I quite like  the Kinect. There i have said it. Internet shame befall me, actually that’s not quite true. What I do like […]

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The HD Remaster

The old is again the new Oh hearing that the Shadow of the Colossus is going under the knife for the now standard HD Remaster ” this time built from the ground up” I started to ponder. Pondering firstly as to whether or not to rush straight out and buy the game as soon as […]

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Quick! Rush

Excuse me, I wouldn’t normally do this and there really is no need to rush but I have just realised that it’s…. The first Tuesday of the month That means that the PS Plus games for this month are available and one of them, the wonderful Life is Strange is now available for download if […]

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The wall

Here I sit, currently listening to the sounds of a storm ,as the rain lashes down and the wind beats against the trees and notice that my body has started to forget that it’s summer. Long forgotten are the warm summer evenings. Spent idling away over summer walks in the park. I would say it […]

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The Beast of backlog

Can it ever be defeated? The gamer’s equivalent of Moby Dick. No matter if you call yourself a hardcore gamer or a casual player, we all have a backlog of some sort to contend with whether large or small ( or should I say large or ginormous) its for ever there, judging us for never […]

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