Game Demo’s

As I sat here agonizing over whether or not to download the Prey demo, whether or not. If the reviews are anything to go by, we should all be getting it and getting it right now 🙂 but, i’m worried, worried about ruining the story, about not falling in love with it straight away, it just not clicking with the mood I am in in right now and also I think the length might be too long, that playing through the first hour may give too much away but also when i do buy the physical copy of the game … Continue reading Game Demo’s

When A Review’s Not a Review

Hi, sorry. When i first started dabbling with this blog, i promised myself that i wouldn’t write any reviews. You don’t need another review of a game, you have probably already made your mind up over, before you stumbled across this little blog and well, frankly I am just not that good at playing Video Games to be able to keep up with all the new releases anyway. So there you have it, this is very much not a review. the piece below will in no way help you to find out if the game i am about to describe … Continue reading When A Review’s Not a Review

A Revisit

Every now and then I like to re-visit a game, one that forever reason and despite multiple outstanding reviews , for me for what ever reason just didn’t click the first time around. Maybe it was a lack of time,lack of a quiet space, etc but for what ever reason, it doesn’t stick and you promise yourself that, one day you will go back to it. Journey is one of those games. I’ll admit I had got never round to playing it when it was originally released in 2012. I was either too busy, playing something else or doing something … Continue reading A Revisit

VR in Arcades?

Reading the gaming news today I noticed that Sony have announced that they are going to bring Virtual Reality to Arcades. Even going as far as letting people set up a VR arcade as a small business. I think this can only be a good thing, it may not be a system seller. Many people would be happy to play a few games in a gaming pub or in an arcade, but would you really want your own VR device at home? Are the games available for any of the devices worth spending money on a headset for? I’m not … Continue reading VR in Arcades?

Sunday Night Gaming

Here we go its Sunday night, your last night before the working week starts again and were back to the drudgery of the school run, the commute to work but, before we say good bye to the weekend we have had its time to play the last game of the weekend. What will it be? There is so much to do and such little time to do it Do you finish of a few last quests in Horizon Zero Dawn Maybe you were lucky enough to get a Switch and are nervously glancing at the clock promising your self just … Continue reading Sunday Night Gaming

Is it time to Switch?

I’ll admit it, only a few weeks ago, I only had only a passing interest in the Nintendo Switch. I know, i know its Nintendo, if the big N releases anything its our duty as gamer’s to keep any eye on it.   Some how the release had slipped my mind i mean I knew it was there, passed my eye over a few articles,knew when it was coming out and of course seen a few videos on YouTube. Nothing like my usual viewing habits for the release of a console I am interested in. I can merrily spend hour … Continue reading Is it time to Switch?