It’s that time of the year

Yes, it’s that time of the year again. Christmas is over and the New Year well, is already not looking that new anymore.

We are back to school, work or what ever you do to make it through the day and even now a few hours into the first full week of the 2016 you have probably, already taken a sneaky look at your calendar and are looking forward to the weekend.

But wait! there is one thing we forgot. One thing to look  forward to at least in this miserable January (its actually nice and sunny here today but you get my point)  that one thing that will save converstaions across the country for the next few weeks and that thing,that one small bit of hope that will keep us glued to our monitors, slowly building up from maybe a click look at the BBC website at lunch time to a full assualt of the F5 button come the 31st of January and that thing is the wonderfully incredible the Christmas that keeps on giving the JANUARY TRANSFER WINDOW.

So buckle down people, worry not that you have no money to spend and watch a whole host of Premiership football clubs spend a lot more money than you ever could and probably a lot more recklessly as well.

Happy January