Amplitude first Impressions

Today (in the UK at least) the PlayStation store has released Harmonix’s new game Amplitude.

I say new but this is a remake of Harmonix’s original Amplitude game released on the PS2 back in 2003 with this new game funded through a Kickstarter campaign.

Now back to my impression. Firstly the games great with a lovely opening tutorial/first level that brings you gently into the game. Opening up with what buttons to press and when and how to change the control scheme. Some of us will need to do this as the initial controls of L1 to go left and R2 to move your little craft to the right are easy and quite intuitive but the addition of R1 to hit the middle notes is hard and can take you of your swing when you are ”in the zone” that said after a few tries of all the control schemes, I think there is one available fo you and your play style and you will be able to play the game using the scheme that you want.

The soundtrack is, for me at least fantastic.Featuring a full on set of electronica and even a few tracks by the band freezpop which are all great I am looking forward to spending some time with this game. Improving my scores and opening up new tracks as I go along.

This game also includes up to 4 player multiplayer and I can’t wait to have a few friends over to try this out.

I have to say based on the hour or so I have played this game so far, Its a definite buy for me.

Take care