PS Plus

You find me wondering sitting here, wondering about the future of PlayStation.

To me Sony has sometimes acted like a kid on Christmas morning. Opening presents and proclaiming each gift,freshly unwrapped from its box to be the best thing ever before quickly discarding it and moving on to the next box.

This time I think Sony may have done it with PS Plus.

After all its, got a lot on its plate, with a large install base comes a greater responsibility to cater towards that ,with a never ending need to cater for gamers and the budgets of some AAA games for ever sky rocketing plus with the time needed to make these games now stretching into years rather than months . I can see why Sony has left so many of its once  industry leading pieces of hardware and software  be quietly forgotten and yes I am talking about the PS Vita, the Wonder book, the Eye Toy, the move controllers and not forgetting the PS4 camera and this leads me to worry if the PS Plus is the next on that list?

with it now being a mandatory subscription for online play (on the PS4 at least) Does Sony still need to convince us to get it? Its not like the the glory days of a few years ago, when once a month everyone would eagerly load up the PS Blog  and wait with baited breath the Plus announcement for that month. Have publishers decided that enough is enough, that giving away some fantastic games only a few years after launch was actually hurting the brands. Were people not buying games because they guessed,correctly in quite a few cases that the best games would come to PLUS and now publishers cant afford to give anything away?