The Future of VR

One again, i am sitting in my chair thinking about and not playing games.

Its good, we shouldn’t play all the time we all have other things to do and some would say many of these things are even more important than gaming 🙂

But, the reason why tonight Im thinking and not playing is because of this, the so-called next big thing in gaming Virtual Reality.

Like a lot of people VR has got me interested, I will look out for any article on the subject, have checked if my PC is powerful enough to run Oculus rift…spoiler, its not. I have weighed the pros and cons of getting the only VR available to me the Sony PlayStation VR   (much preferred the code name, project Morpheus) and here are some of my Pros and cons


  1. Its expensive. We all new it would be Sony told us, that it would cost the same as a new console and we believed them . Sony didn’t lie at £349.00 for the headset alone its expensive. Plus the thought of it running of the Playstation camera has me worried. Have you tried the camera? It works well enough with the playroom and as a strange late night chat show for drunken friends to show off well, just how drunk they are but as a device, there just isn’t any games for it and really not much call for it.  I hope it works but for an additional £49.99 I think people may struggle to get both together.
  2. Move Controllers. Now these I haven’t tried but I do know that  if I am playing a game I want to use my arms, I want to wave them about in a virtual world, to reload my gun, to pick things up, to drive a car, wipe dirt from face and with these, is it possible?
  3. WIRES.Do i need to say any more? I want to be able to move around and not worry about tripping over, without my cat, thinking that she has a new toy in her life. Imagine a really important scene in a game, maybe its the big reveal, maybe you have just saved the princess, solved the puzzle, got to the end only to have the headset slowly pulled from my face as my cat climbs up the wires and onto my head


1 Its going to be great. I am sure that, eventually it will work, with so much money, behind it, so many companies pining their futures on it, It has to work ?

2. Immersion. How many of us have wanted to be ”inside” a game to be the footballer in FIFA the soldier in Call of Duty or the astronaut in space and now we can. Not sure if i want to be Amanda Ripley in Alien Isolation though

3 Your friends will want it. Like the Wii before it VR could be the next big thing, it could be the machine that gets non gamers into games again. That thing that everyone talks about, the toy rolled out at parties. Imagine your Nan,drunk at Christmas, imagining shes in a shark cage