Second hand game shops

Rummaging through my jean pockets the other day, amongst the discarded tissues and pocket link I spotted my CEX card, the small red card with the white CEX looked up as I held it my hand and a small voice inside my head asked ” isn’t it time to trade”. Immediately I made a quick mental note of all the games, I could trade in for something, anything else. Anything new.

Then the realisation hit me, I didn’t want anything, I didn’t need anything but I couldn’t shake the feeling that I was missing out on something exiting; I hadn’t played the new Doom, Street Fighter or Rachet and Clank yet and hadn’t even thought about the new uncharted game. I was missing out! I had to rectify this now. I moved quickly over to my pile of PS4 games hiding, under the TV and decided to put them into two piles one to keep and one to trade. Ask moved through the pile I notched each one as I went. Assasins Creed Syndicate was it time to say goodbye to you was my time swinging through London coming to an end, I put it to the keep pile. Next was Star Wars Battlefront maybe this could go, I hadn’t played it for a while and did I intend too? Next was Mortal Kombat an incredible game that I had only just finished the single player section. I had tried the game online and only managed to win two games out of ten. Maybe it was time to say goodbye to this? On and on I went shuffling through my pile of games putting one in a trade pile and then putting it back in the keep pile. Until I realised something.

Had I finished with these games or was I merely getting rid of them to fund my next purchase and then would my next game what ever that would be, simply be discarded again after a few months traded in half finished and not enjoyed. I resolved to do two things, one I would play the games until I had my fill of fun from them. I didn’t mean collect all the trophies or even finish them but simply get my fill of fun from them and then, and only then would they be traded. Secondly I realised that games companies should be incredibly grateful for second hand games companies they do an incredible job of getting us into the loop of buying a game which we play for a few weeks or months and then when the next shinnynew thing comes along they help us get the next shinny thing with as little money as possible, helping us to declutter as well.