Microsoft, what are you trying to do to me?

I want to but an X Box, I even wanted to buy a Kinect ( really) I think the tech’s great.

x Box you have so many games I want to play from Halo to Dead Rising onto Tomb Raider and Oiri and the Blind forest. Every time I set myself to getting one of your giant black boxes you stop me and say ”no wait something better is coming”So I wait and I wait and you change your mind drop a format, and I think okay no, not for me but, then you add a feature like backwards compatibility and I think okay yes. Its time I got one of these suckers but no, again you say ” you wait something better is coming” so i wait and then I see the XBox s and I think great, this is my time to get one. Its 40% smaller can come with a 2TB hard-drive and will cover all my gaming needs but no you stop me again. You say this will only come in white and I think hold on that’s silly everything else under every other TV is black why would I want something that’s white sticking out underneath the TV? In answer to that and in the same E3 show by showing us the gaming public at large the XBox Scorpio. So i think okay great just wait for that and that’s when you tell us that no you cant have it now. You can have it in a year and i think great, will start to save up for that, that will be on the one I will get but you change the goal posts again we know you will, something better will be rumored to be out by then something like holo lens maybe and we will all want that.


Basically want i’m saying is Microsoft please. Lets us by at least one of your projects before out dating that the current one. Just once.