Fantasia Music Evolved

An under appreciated gem? A game missed by most, but ready to reward the few who did try it.

These are only of the few things I have thought, when trying to explain fantasia Music evolved. A game, even someone like me who spends a lot of his free time either reading or playing games has missed.

If you have Kinect you must try it. If you can find a cheap Kinect or even borrow one from a friend try it. You will feel part way through the opening chapter like a wizard. Your arms will fly through the air, catching note after note in a delicious score streak watching your score multiplier grow steadily higher and higher and you will smile. Sure there aren’t that many tracks and the game really isn’t that difficult but what does it matter when a game is doing what it set out to do, to make you the player have fun.

the game really is a joy, either in a frantic arm waving, dive around the screen trying to catch all the notes of a classical piece way or in a more somber tune like the White Stripes.

It even has two player mode, in which despite letting each player only use one arm manages to still make you feel lik a conductor and not like your playing half a game.

to put it broadly this is a game that if you have Kinect and an X Box one you need to try. Dont let the exercise part put you off. It’s fun and that’s all a game can be