Sitting here one Saturday night. You find me, for once; not playing games, thinking about games or even reading about games, but instead i am running through Spotify listening to soundtracks, specifically; gaming soundtracks.

For the first time I realized just how many of the greatest games from Zelda to Batman down to Pacman have fantastic sound tracks. Soundtracks that we will remember for ever, a piece that we cant get out of our heads. Something so memorable that as soon as we hear it we know what is, where its from and even if we haven’t heard for weeks months or maybe even years, as soon as we do, were back controller or mouse in hand waiting to start the adventure again so a I as i sit here wasting my time on a Saturday night, I wonder if, maybe..the soundtrack makes the game. Does an incredible opening piece of music drag you in, immerse you and invest you fully into a game before it’s even started?

For example take any of the recent Batman games from Arkham Asylum to Arkham all have an incredible opening piece, a piece so moving so inviting that all you can do it prepare to be the bat.

A good soundtrack has even bought me into other genres i am not good at to games i would never play. Take Battlefield 4 as an example. I suck at online multiplayer games especially I don’t  have the natural skill or ability and of course like most people I don’t have the time to invest to be better and I even if i did, I don’t think i would. But there is something about about the main  theme , from the beat quickening the pulse getting faster and faster the longer it plays to the eventual crescendo, that makes me feel for a few seconds at least not the average gamer I am but, a super soldier, a warrior, a man with incredible cat like reflexes who can not only compete, not only stand his own in a fight but one who even bed able to threaten the leader boards! Then of course the game starts and I quickly  crash back to reality with a heavy thud as my corpse hits the ground repeatedly killed my people I didn’t even know where there, let a lone had a chance to shoot at.

That i guess is my point the power of the soundtrack from games to films the soundtrack is a powerful thing it can however briefly change who you are, what you think you can do and I for one love them for it.