Is it time to Switch?

I’ll admit it, only a few weeks ago, I only had only a passing interest in the Nintendo Switch. I know, i know its Nintendo, if the big N releases anything its our duty as gamer’s to keep any eye on it.


Some how the release had slipped my mind i mean I knew it was there, passed my eye over a few articles,knew when it was coming out and of course seen a few videos on YouTube. Nothing like my usual viewing habits for the release of a console I am interested in. I can merrily spend hour after hour reading articles, watching video after video. Compiling lists of games I want to buy and generally getting very exited. This hasn’t happened with the Switch

Recently however something has changed . I started looking at the Switch as less of a curiosity, less as a gimmick that wouldn’t last five minutes, convinced it would suffer the same slow death as the Nintendo Wii U and more as a games console that I could invest in, could see myself and my friends playing for years to come.  I still havent bought one yet but I think with if the few games below are as good as we all want them to be, hopefully it wont be soon until we are all buying one.



doesn’t it look good, doesn’t it look, exiting and just a little bit  different to the other fighting games we have got at the moment? The trouble is how will it play, what will we do, how will it control? We just don’t know but I cant be the only person looking forward to finding out?




Mario Kart 8

Really leading from the front here 🙂

Who doesn’t want to play a new version of arguably the worlds greatest multiplayer racing game ? I cant wait for the new tracks, new cars and characters and of course hours and hours of wonderful couch-based multiplayer. Plus I didn’t get the Wii U either ( see my 10 reasons list coming soon)  so the game will be all fresh and new for most of us

Zelda  will this be the one that finally gets me into the Zelda series? I know, shame on me. I just cant, I have played most of the others and every time I think this is it here we go, this is the one that will get me hooked, help me understand what everybody else seems to see in these series, find the wonder and every time im looking for that magic moment and I still havent found it yet. Maybe this will be the one

Street Fighter II

I know, i know. Its old, its been there done it and I don’t care, we know its going to be good. Its Street Fighter 2. Have you seen the gameplay? It looks incredible from the updated graphics to the way the characters move in old ways but ways that are so familiar. Plus dont forget the soundtrack. Can you imagine using the joy con controllers in an epic two player battle? Sure there going to be dropped, thrown across the room but, surely there going to be fine? Lets wait and see on that but, its Street Fighter 2 and its going to be awesome

Its Nintendo

Can you write Nintendo off? You never know what they are going to do. From saving the gaming industry with the NES, the funky console style of the GameCube down to the changing the way we play games (can you imaging playing virtual bowling before the Wii) with the Wii, that means we can never write them off. What ever is released for the Switch we can be sure Nintendo will try there best to be innovate, distinct and hopefully brilliant