Sunday Night Gaming

Here we go its Sunday night, your last night before the working week starts again and were back to the drudgery of the school run, the commute to work but, before we say good bye to the weekend we have had its time to play the last game of the weekend.

What will it be?

There is so much to do and such little time to do it

Do you finish of a few last quests in Horizon Zero Dawn

Maybe you were lucky enough to get a Switch and are nervously glancing at the clock promising your self just another ten minutes ( but you have been doing that for an hour 🙂 before you have to go to bed ?

Maybe you are enjoying the last few rounds of a favorite multi player game, with the last few hours of free time you have left, trying to beat a friend at FIFA or ( finally) win a game of Battlefield 1 before you have to go to bed.

Maybe your playing with younger (or older) members of your family racing round in a few more laps in Mario Kart, or trying to finally beat an older sibling in the battle mode

What ever you are doing have fun. Enjoy yourself. You’ve earned it. Enjoy it

See you next Sunday