When A Review’s Not a Review

Hi, sorry. When i first started dabbling with this blog, i promised myself that i wouldn’t write any reviews. You don’t need another review of a game, you have probably already made your mind up over, before you stumbled across this little blog and well, frankly I am just not that good at playing Video Games to be able to keep up with all the new releases anyway.

So there you have it, this is very much not a review. the piece below will in no way help you to find out if the game i am about to describe is in anyway a good fit for you, it will not be the swinging argument on a list of pro’s and con’s as to where you should spend your money this week. Its just a few words I felt compelled to write about the current Games With Gold game (at time of writing) Ryse. Son of Rome

Firstly I have read numerous reviews (sorry its that r word again). Most reviews start with how incredible the game looks ( it does) but then leads into how basic the game play  is ( it is). Apart from the basic game design of go from place A to place B, kill everything that moves within a set move function of block or roll away if you are about to be hit or if you are trying to hit an enemy use a heavy hit if they have a shield or just repeatedly hit the enemy of they don’t have any way to defend themselves until you are given the opportunity to enter a quick-time-event where, if the right button prompts are hit at the right time  the player is rewarded with an over the top glory kill. These kills them self’s are at first satisfying and with more kills available in the in game shop once enough valor has been claimed from enemy kills or enough gold has been found on the battlefield that there are a few more options available as you progress through the game but will generally all become to look the same as there are so many enemy’s who want to try to kill you that you will become used to them after the first few hours of play.

There are a few different sections however, sections where you can guide a small selection of Roman soldiers as they try and advance on an enemies position, running along in position and giving the order to either throw a projectile at an enemy archer unit before they release their arrows or give a call to raise shields and listen as the arrows hit the Roman shield wall. This is quite fun and I found myself enjoying the sections it was in.

All in. If you like the idea of slashing your way through armies of tribes people or Barbarian hordes this is the game for you. Its not going to be the greatest game you will ever play and probably wont stay in the memory long after finished but, it is for me a great B movie to sit back and enjoy. Try to think of the TV show Spartacus ( without the sex) more just the brutal killing and you cant go far wrong

Enjoy. The review video  below does not belong to me