Game Demo’s

As I sat here agonizing over whether or not to download the Prey demo, whether or not. If the reviews are anything to go by, we should all be getting it and getting it right now 🙂 but, i’m worried, worried about ruining the story, about not falling in love with it straight away, it just not clicking with the mood I am in in right now and also I think the length might be too long, that playing through the first hour may give too much away but also when i do buy the physical copy of the game ( still not moved on too digital yet) that I will have to play through it all again.

I find myself wondering if more games should have demos? Would it help us to make a purchase? Could a new developer, fighting against the torrent of weekly new releases be able to break out of the pack by being able to showcase us not only the first few minutes of the first level but also cherry pick a few favorite bits of their game to showcase?

In a similar way to a movie trailer could a game’s demo be used to entice you into the story, to set the scene of friends all playing round a TV if its a multiplayer, passing the controller from one to the other, helping us to imagine what we would be doing with the game. I know that the developers wouldn’t want to put all of the best parts of the game into the demo but, could for example Capcom not follow the FIFA demo rule with Street Fighter V as in letting you get a feel for the game by letting us play with a couple of the games characters and try out only one or two stages. Before asking if we wanted to make buy the game?


With the death of most Video Game rental shops and websites and most of us having to base our purchases on nothing more that reviews and YouTube videos I feel like a quick playable highlight reel of the game could really help, how many of us have a played a game and within the first few minutes known if the game is for us or not?

Please see the link to the prey demo. Please let me know if your more decisive than me and  decide to download it