The PS Vita and me

To buy or not to buy?

That is the question a friend put to me the other day.

i’m trying to convince him to get one, and hopefully I can convince you too.

The PS Vita (originally released on the 22nd of February 2012 in Europe) is probably Sony’s last attempt at a handheld console. It was, despite all the wonderful things it can do was never able to catch up with the lead that the Nintendo 3DS had over it and its elder brother  and will now be remembered as one of the gaming failures of our time. Which is a shame as never has a games machine been so loved by its fan base but so quickly forgotten by its manufactures. Sony who in acting like a child on Christmas day on release of the PS Vita, declaring it the best thing they have ever done, only to quickly discard it on spotting the next brightly wrapped present sitting under the tree have decided to cancel it all to quickly, it still has some stellar legs left. Please see below for my reasons why.

It wasn’t the Vita ‘s fault.

The PS Vita is a lovely gaming device to hold in your hand, it feels just right the weight is not too heavy nor to light for an extended play session nor does it get too hot and that screen ( at least in the older version I have) is a thing of beauty with the OLED screen the visuals were able to pop and make any game played on it look fantastic. The battery life is great as well, with most gamer’s able to get a decent amount of playtime out of even the most demanding of titles on a single charge.

It has some fantastic games

An incredible back-log. What more could you want from any gaming system?Racing games?Covered, action adventure titles? Check, puzzle games? Its got you covered. Fighters? Yep, Shooters? you bet and if JRPG’s and RPG’S are your thing well you best go and get a Vita this is the system for the RPG lover it has absolutely tons of them and if you recently played the latest and possibly greatest JRPG of them all Persona 5. Then consider all your boxes ticked as you can go out a grab a copy of the fantastic Persona 4 right now, consider your next 100 hours of gaming sorted 🙂

Seriously it has some truly fantastic games

Just look at the list below

Killzone Mercenary

Little Big Planet

Gravity Rush, Tearaway, Persona 4 and Uncharted Golden Abyss and these are only the ones I can remember from off the top of my head. Seriously Persona 4 and Tearaway are two reasons why buying a Vita is a great decision. Tearaway is one of the greatest games I have ever played. In fact, I think i may finally crack and play the PS4 version to see if its as good.

There must be cons

Oh yes there must be reasons not to buy a Vita, after all hardly anyone did

The memory cards. Or you could say the most pointlessly expensive thing ever invented. After all who makes sure that a new system can only function with a memory card that is almost as expensive as the console its self? The price of these things is ridiculous. If you’ve seen the price of the 8GB and 16GB memory cards and winced at that, then don’t look at the price of the 64GB card, it will leave a bitter taste in your mouth as it is almost as expensive as buying a second hand Vita.

Sony’s PS Plus extravagance

Did Sony, in trying to make the PS Subscription look as appealing to as many people as possible get it in wrong in giving away so many great Vita games? The Vita games included in the subscription over the years have included some incredible titles such as God of War; Chains of Olympus,  Freedom Wars, Soul Sacrifice, Hotline Miami, Wipeout 2048 and Uncharted; Golden Abyss and I think that we can agree that whatever your gaming tastes Sony has probably given away more than it might have wanted to in terms of great games and exclusive titles, which may and in the case of me personally has led to an increase in actual sales of the Vita device. I will admit that one of the major reasons for me buying a Vita in the first place was knowing that I had already had such a great amount of games ready for me to play, but I think that that it also lead to less people looking for Vita titles which meant less shelf space, which in turn has lead to actual physical copies of games being hard to find and incurring a kind-of niche which has lead to niche prices for the games you do see in mainly ( second-hand) shops when you do spot a physical release.


I am as guilty as everyone else here despite loving my Vita I have only ever actually bought one game for it the brilliant Tearaway of course i have been luck y enough to get games like Persona as gifts but with as mentioned above excellent games just sitting waiting to be downloaded I have never really needed to buy any more games and that can’t just be me. I am sure that’s happened to more of us…please, don’t let it be just me 🙂

Good bye Vita. You were here for a good time, not a long time



  1. You CAN’T convince me! Cuz I already have one and games out the aaaaaaaaass! I’ve bought a ton of games for it, BUT I see your point. I’ve only paid full price for maybe 3 of them. The rest I just grab for a few dollars each during their constant PSN sales. Even with all I already have though, there are still a bunch of games left on my Vita wishlist. I don’t see myself putting it in the closet with the PSP and DS any time soon.

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  2. The Vita deserves better. Sony created a great piece of hardware, but didn’t support it. There are plenty of good titles for it, providing that you like niche Japanese stuff. Sadly I am buying less Vita software because many releases come out on PS4 too.


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