A Revisit 01

Life is Strange

Next up in my series of revisits  or ” I have a bit more free time on my hands than normal, what should I do with it” is,  Life is Strange

Life is Strange is an episodic, story driven game, that lets you make the decisions that dictate how the story plays out. Originally released in five episodes throughout 2015 and created by the French Developer Dontnod Entertainment it tells the story of Max Caulfield and her sudden ability (spoiler ahead) to reverse time and well, its great. That’s it,end of me nattering 🙂

Guess I have to say a few things before I go any further.

The following sentences will contain spoilers.if you haven’t played the game yet go, play episode 1 now. Its free on most devices.

I could have also called this revisit ”this game wants to make you cry” and honestly, it did bring a tear to my eye. With the heartbreak I felt at not being able to save Kate being the main reason I left the game a year before going back to it. I did of course go back to try and save her which having failed again made me even sadder, left me skipping past the game in a guilty rush when ever I was scrolling through the games list on my PS4 hard-drive. I honestly felt a guilt for her death that is still with me now, and that’s an  incredible feeling to get from a video game. A feeling that has left with a gaming memory that I don’t think I will ever forget.

It is truly one of the most emotional games I have ever played and has moved my gaming choice on from the usual sports and first person shooters I usually play and onto games like; Life is Strange, The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead and eagerly anticipating up-coming releases such as What Remains of Edith Finch ( reviews out today) The Sexy Brutale which just sounds incredible and anything that sounds like it might have an incredible story.

Back to, Life is Strange. After deciding to either delete or play the game I gave in and stuffed all my worries and feelings into a little bag and hid them behind the sofa with the intention to play this game critically and not give into my emotions just, to see if there was a good game behind the emotion machine Dontnod seemed to have made and guess what?  Within about three seconds that little bag of emotions I had stuffed behind the sofa jumped out and punched me in the face as time round I only lasted about two seconds before the game brought a tear to my eye and that was just the main theme music. Have a listen too it https://youtu.be/QEvBwJz3wGM its safe to say the remainder of the episodes, filled with horrible moments, moments I wanted to change but couldn’t as I was committed to see what ending my decisions had left for me. It may have left me emotionally scared. There were plot twists I didn’t see coming (through the tears) lots of times I had even screamed at the TV or cheered when a character i had thought was a bit of a pushover saved me from one situation or another.

Its fair to say that i really enjoyed my time with Life Is Strange a strange game indeed and one that I recommend just remember this isn’t a review and don’t blame if its goes wrong for you too



  1. Life is Strange was, without a doubt, my video game highlight of 2016. Dontnod really captured a special atmosphere with realistic characters, both likeable and dislikable, and a story that made me feel all the feelings. Nice post!


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