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One rainy April day, I was sat at my computer, wandering through the garden of the internet, when I cam across the following blog . On this blog i stumbled across a challenge that Ian had set himself. The challenge was to the internet ( he must be braver than me) in which you,I or anyone were able to ask him anything…game related with the only caveat being that if you asked him a question, he had the opportunity to ask you one too.

As soon as I read this I thought crazy man what a great idea and i’ll admit i couldn’t wait to ask a question. I like to read other bloggers posts and the change to influence someone else’s writing seemed too good to miss, so with fingers eager to type, I read through the list of questions already asked, not wanting to make a mistake and ask the same question twice. As I read through all the questions asked so far and people replies to questions put to them I realized two things; there are a lot of good bloggers on here and also that most of questions were a lot better than anything i could come up with. So I asked my stock question, the question I always run too in a time of crisis, ”so, if you were stuck on a desert Island, what three games would you take with you and why?” and of course I was answered with a much better question. The question and reason for this blog was;

What was your least Favorite game in your favorite series?

This had me thinking, as a lover of most genres i find it hard to not at least enjoy something about them. I mostly play games for fun and with most games there is something to enjoy but, there is one, a game that sits apart from the rest of its series. Something that  Sticks in my mind, like a piece of food stuck in your teeth after a great meal, the aggravation of trying to get it out almost ruining the taste of the meal. For me that annoying morsel of undigested food is  Uncharted 3. Surprised? You shouldn’t be

The first was great

The first Uncharted is a fantastic game, with its exiting set-pieces, interesting puzzles and fantastic story and likable characters helping Sony regain its customer base after a slow launch and a losing battle against the X Box 360 and Wii. The game still holds up well in its original form and looks and plays even better in the Nathan Drake Collection. This is a game that developers could be quoting as an influence for years to come.

Next up

Uncharted 2

What can I say about this game that hasn’t already been said? Its incredible an absolute gem of a game. Appearing in most if not all gamer’s top PS3 games list. Improves on its predecessor it almost all ways. Everything about it is excellent with another gripping story to some truly wonderful set pieces. Do you remember climbing up the train in the games beginning? In that moment I felt like I was with Drake as he pulled himself up one rail at a time, each moment expecting Nat to fall to his doom After that the game just took you by the hand and led you through this incredible roller coaster of a game and I played it all with a big smile across my face.

Then there was

Uncharted 3

The little  misstep. Don’t get me wrong its still a good game, just not one that i found great.  It just didn’t click with me. Something in the story dragged. I didn’t find myself caring about any of the characters or their motivations.The puzzles weren’t particularly engaging. The way the characters occasionally stare into the camera, their eyes shining as if they are looking back at you,made me feel a little creepy as if i has strayed into their world, which in a way I guess I had. Overall I just found myself mildly interested in the game playing it in between other games or on a free evening. Not my usual way of playing an Uncharted game , which have involved; booking a holiday, canceling social engagements and not answering my phone until I have completed the main story.

The return to form

Uncharted 4

Back to the top. From the early E3 videos we knew we had a gem on our hands.  We had a feeling Naughty Dog had done it again and were we right. We were rewarded once again with a fantastic game, a beautiful game, one where the story held weight, with a fantastic cast of brilliantly acted and incredibly well voiced anti-heroes, would take us on a wonderfully imagined journey, full of amazing set-pieces, imaginative puzzles would once again take us on an incredible ride and this time with pirate treasure to plunder.

Thanks for the question 🙂

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  1. You know, I never picked up the Uncharted games, but I always hear such great things about them – I oughta try to catch them on sale or something and look into it.
    Your question was great! I was actually getting ready to type out my answer to it when I noticed that you had posted your reply, so I wanted to come check it out first. Thanks so much for participating in this crazy but hopefully enjoyable event!


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