The Death of the Medic

I used to spend a lot of my gaming time, playing on-line shooters specifically the Battlefield series. It started with Battlefield Bad Company 2 on the PS3. A real gem of a team based shooter . A game that really suited my play style, as for me, as strange as it is sounds shooters have never been about the shooting. You see I loved being a medic, rushing around saving my comrades from certain or near certain death. Where some players are all about the kills, I was all about the saves, saving re spawns were my game and health packs my grenades. I used to rush towards the battle, bullets flying past my face, my head clear and ready for action, ducking between obstacles, hiding from advancing enemies. An all out fight was no good to me, Wasn’t what drew me back to the game time and time again, I needed the saves, the number of medic packs thrown became my k/o ratio. I didn’t care about blowing up a building or capturing a flag. Only going towards a capture point as i knew that was where i was most needed. Ready to dish out my precious health packs as my team mates continued to repel the enemies bombardment.

Then we moved on to Battlefield 3

And something had changed. Maybe the maps were too large, the player base now too skilled or just too big as something was not right. The medic could no longer perform his heroics. There were fewer places too hide, more checkpoints in the open too over looked by buildings. But, for what ever reason the medic was no longer the force it once was. the vital role it once played was now over with players neglecting to pick up health packs or hitting the respawn button quicker than we could revive them.

And on we moved again

Straight to Battlefield 4

Of course it was even worse, billed as having the largest maps in any game yet. I knew I was in trouble for large maps, with many points outside are no fun for the medic, too easily picked of by the sniper,  the medic needs cover, needs places too hide. I didn’t give up and tried to find a new way to play and for a while I did. I started to grab the vehicles always using them to cover the most ground, got me to where the medic needed to be with a squad ready for my med packs as soon as they were needed. I started to run towards a vehicle whenever I spawned into a match, always waiting for the vehicle to be full before driving off and it worked, for a while, I was able to get back into the swing of being a medic, the team I was with happy to take my health offerings  with me happy to take the points. Then it started to go wrong, other players started to grab the vehicles first, began to drive of into the sunset without a care in the world or another player in the back of their tank. I lost interest moved on.

Battlefield 1

Now, I feel I need to give a reason as to why I keep buying these games, games that for most people the reason to play them is the multiplayer component and it was something that I was no longer enjoying and the reason is the single player. I really enjoy the story in most of these games and it was this reason, I was so encouraged  by the trailers for Battlefield 1 for the trailers were fantastic, it promised a beautiful, character based story and one that received very positive reviews on release and it didn’t disappoint.  With the ability to drive tanks, fly planes and play intense infantry based levels, the single player did really play and feel fantastic and not just as a training mode for the multi player as a lot of these stories are but, where the single player was a triumph the multi player again was a let down. Again it was a case of spawn, die and repeat coupled with a new quicker ability to re spawn almost negating any need for the medic. Having died one to many times I started to  worry about the mental state of my virtual hero, what was he thinking as he was cast into a terrifying life, a life with barely enough time to shoot a gun or run to cover before he  was quickly cast back from where he came as all his skills enabling him to do was run straight into the sights of a sniper hiding somewhere deep in the hills.

I think I need to stop.



  1. The medic is an often thankless job in multiplayer gaming. But it’s fun and rewarding nonetheless. It’s sad to see developers forget about it when designing maps and game modes.

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