Revisit 03 Lost in the Wilderness

There had to be one.

Going through my backlog these last few weeks i have re-discovered some incredible games. Games that could have otherwise sat on the shelf, staring at me hatefully through a thin layer of dust when ever they chanced to catch my eye.

From Life Is Strange to Tomb Raider and a lot of PS Plus games in between i have discovered a new appreciation for these games and even found new genres that I have previously shrugged off as not for me or I’ll get it one day.

Through this period of rediscovery of finding gems discarded in the rough I have found one game that, no matter how hard I try, no matter how many times I go back to it promising myself that this time will be the time ”it clicks” it never does. I just can’t enjoy it and that game is

Red Dead Redemption

Shocked? I know I am everything about this game says that I should enjoy it. Cowboys tick. Horse races check, decent story missions check, side quests check, beautiful setting tick but not matter how hard I try I just can’t enjoy it

Maybe its because

I played Red Dead Undead Nightmare first? Well, that’s not true it was during my first time of trying to get into Red Dead that I saw Undead Nightmare on sale, it was near Halloween and I thought why not. It can be my Halloween game. I really enjoyed it, a great game with a great cast of characters and an interesting story that filled my gaming hours for the next few months, leaving Red Dead alone and unloved on my hard drive for another six months

Try again

Not until clearing my PS3 hard drive out did I think about playing Red Dead again. Coupled with the idea to clear out my backlog before buying any new games I was busy going through my history and downloading any games I had missed, that now took my fancy. I decided that rather than deleting Read Dead to make room for another game I would give it another go. So with renewed hope I sat and prepared to enjoy the game. For some reason it still didn’t click no matter how hard I tried, setting a few hours just to play the game didn’t work, playing for only half an hour at a time didn’t work. To cut a long story short, nothing I tried managed to even stir my interest in the game, it was hard work. Something had to be done, consulting Google for reasons to play Red Dead I was met with the following reasons

The Wild West setting.

Love the thrill of an open world with endless possibilities and loads of things to do?

The Story

Play as John Marston as he try’s to bring his former gang members to justice

Wonderful characters

Deep characters with motives and reasons behind everything they do.

All of this is true, the game should be one of my favorite games off all time. For some reason though i feel that i am watching someone else’s play through. I can’t find any weight in the characters motives, riding horses or catching animals feels very generic and I hate killing and skinning animals. I even hate having to kill the animals for the marks men awards. Maybe its my fault, playing Undead Nightmare was probably a mistake, its brings most of the main characters into a tight, much smaller narrative in a game that’s just about fun. It’s all about shooting Zombies, whilst trying to find a cure. The main game, isn’t that there is a lot to do most of it for a very serious reason. Still don’t let the words above put you off, if you fancy giving it a go I am sure you will like it

Still looking forward to Red Dead Dead Redemption 2













  1. I also am not a fan of Grand Theft Horse. It was cool initially but the novelty wore off rather quickly. I much prefer games like Mass Effect and Elder Scrolls to Red Dead.


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