Is Sometimes, More Really Less?

With Microsoft announcing the release of their XBox game pass to the whole Xbox community on the 1st of June.

I’m left wondering if sometimes, more is really less?

This is because with subscription services like X Box game pass and Sony’s PS Plus. I wonder if gamer’s are really getting a good deal. I know on paper the price for both services seems reasonably  attractive 7.99 for the game pass and 12.99 for PS Plus does sound a good deal with the PS Now service already receiving over 400 games to stream whenever you want and with XBox service promising a 100 games when it releases, with both services receiving some great games that really make either subscription service worthwhile if you are new to either system

But I wonder if I will fall into the same trap I fell into with my old love film subscription. You see with my old love film subscription I paid enough to have two games from my rental list sent to me at any time, I was only allowed two at a time but as soon as I sent either game back my account would be credited and a new game sent to me the next day. Did this make me appreciate some of the greatest games of the time? Did it enable me to relax and spend hours and hours over the latest Mass Effect or spend some quality time in Mario Galaxy? Of course, what quickly developed was an addiction to getting new games as quickly as possible, to my eternal disappointment and one of the main reasons for a revisit series. I have rushed through sometimes only spending an hour at a time with games like the aforementioned Mass Affect series, Mario Galaxy and countless others all to see what the next game delivery would be.

I wonder if this could happen with both subscription services as both will have a few ” must play” titles but most people will subscribe with the best of intentions to do what I have just done with PS Plus. Subscribe to it with the intention of playing a few games that I had previously missed out on. In my case the first two games in the Bioshock franchise, something I just haven’t got around to before now. Of course I have barely played more than ten minutes of anyone game. My time spent as if I was going through the Netflix trying to decide what to watch only this time instead of switching between rom coms and old movies I am spending 10 minutes at a time playing the likes of Daytona, House of The Dead and R-Type.

You guessed it Daytona, House of the Dead and R-Type are still great.