The Beast of backlog

Can it ever be defeated?

The gamer’s equivalent of Moby Dick. No matter if you call yourself a hardcore gamer or a casual player, we all have a backlog of some sort to contend with whether large or small ( or should I say large or ginormous) its for ever there, judging us for never getting to that or even those must play titles, that still sit, unloved some still in their shrink wrapped cage upon the shelf. We say to ourselves, its okay one day we will, somehow  get to it, or at least take comfort in the hope that it, could, maybe someday be worth something and our money was not wasted and could even (pipe dream incoming) provide us with a little extra money in the future-who said games were a waste of money 🙂

You can but try

One day for some reason, as yet unknown to us , we will stumble across a top 25 PS4 article or a video on YouTube or maybe even an end of year best of article on our favorite gaming website and we suddenly realize that although we do indeed own most of the games on the list we have yet to play even half of them and there we stay trapped, sucked into the wormhole of forgotten gems. Looking at more and more videos for all the other other consoles/handhelds we own realizing, over and over again with a cold shudder of disbelief that we do  own most of the titles on the videos or lists ( go us for having great taste) but, we haven’t played nearly half of them. We feel sad promising ourselves, that this time we will be better we will play our game mountain, conquer our gaming Everest before moving onto the new. It will be fantastic what a future our gaming past holds for us all that fun hidden away, hiding on shelves forgotten on hard drives all within our very grasp. What game to pick now we have so many choices?What to do? So you look back over those same gaming articles those same gaming videos hoping for a little inspiration. You pick a few, you enjoy them for a while, but then again for no reason the NEW thing pops up on your radar, it looks good but, your strong, better than this, you have a backlog to get through. Your okay for a little while and then one day whilst lazily browsing through an online store you notice its on sale and you snap all your good intentions broken your resolve snapped. Its got you, you have to get it,you do and that’s it the viscous cycle of the old versus the ever exiting NEW thing starts again.

Don’t call me Ishmael

The above is a true story, its happened to me only recently. I was doing so well ticking of games from the PS3 and Xbox era like they were going out of fashion: God of War: Ghost of Sparta tick.Chains of Olympus tick that of the list. Alan Wake bye, Heavenly Sword see ya. But as if lifted by some cosmic force i was drawn away from my retro world and into the world of Horizon; Zero Dawn. I blame my friends ( its always your friends) It couldn’t be my fault. Come to our house warming they said. We have something to show you they said and of I trundled one Saturday evening to be set upon by the largest TV I had ever seen connected to a PS Pro. Now I hadn’t yet seen a PS Pro or a 4K TV set up anywhere apart from the shops so I had a vague idea of what to expect, what I didn’t have any expectations for however was how good it would all look once Horizon:Zero Dawn was added into the mix. To keep it short, it was breathtaking much better than I expected for a brief second my breath was actually taken away and in that moment my resolve was broken, led back into the path of the new and the shiny the world of the now. Hopefully soon I can get back to my retro log. But, just one more mission first 🙂

Stay happy