The wall

Here I sit, currently listening to the sounds of a storm ,as the rain lashes down and the wind beats against the trees and notice that my body has started to forget that it’s summer. Long forgotten are the warm summer evenings. Spent idling away over summer walks in the park. I would say it was only yesterday that my wife and I went for one of our now customary summer walks but realise it really was, this storm really is taking its toll. But, something more alarming has happened I seem to have lost my gaming instinct.


now I wouldn’t normally wory. Like most people I have had to suffer through my fare share of ” you should go out and get some sunshine” growing up we were always encouraged to go out and play in the sun, so naturally I find it hard to play games in the summer, at least until it gets dark😀. Normally I make up for my summer milaise in the winter and game enough for two . So I cant put my finger on why I can’t get the energy to play now, when every other fibre wants to cook a stew and settle down in front of s nice warm fire.