What’s that coming over the hill?

It’s not a monster


It is of course…drum roll please…Time for E3, that time of the year when gaming’s great and good good, gather together in joyful worship of all things game and gaming related

Whats sights and delights will be seeing this year?as we peer into our collective gaming future? Wondering where all our money will go 🙂

Of course there will be many great games, many of which we will put release dates for in our calendars ( how silly we will feel, when the release dates slip)

I’m the same as you I will try and stay awake to watch the conferences ( currently in the UK). knowing that if the great demon of sleep does take me away to my dreams too soon. I will awake fresh eyed and  busy tailed the next morning and the first thing i will do is check the gaming websites for the latest news.

I can’t wait

Normally I want ever game i see now. Not in a year or two years but now, or at least in the next six months or I will forget about it, my attention lured away into a million different gaming directions. This year however its different and maybe it is just me but I feel that this year we have already been showered with so many good games that I just need a little more time to enjoy them before ”shiny new thing 5”is announced and of I go fantasizing about all the new worlds to visit and exiting things to do.

Please can every major game be put back just a little bit? Just a tiny amount more time to enjoy The Sexy Brutale, Horizon Zero Dawn and all the rest. Not to mention The Switch and PlayStation VR.

A Way Out. The new co-op game from EA does look good though. 🙂

Sweet Dreams