The HD Remaster

The old is again the new

Oh hearing that the Shadow of the Colossus is going under the knife for the now standard HD Remaster ” this time built from the ground up”

I started to ponder. Pondering firstly as to whether or not to rush straight out and buy the game as soon as its released or to leave it and not put myself through that pain again, those of you that have played the game in either its original release or the PS3 HD remaster will know what I mean, where the game is incredible, its one that I at least found incredibly hard to play.

What’s with all the remakes?

Whats the point? We already have enough games and enough great games at that. Why remake games that people have already played, apart from profit of course. A re-release of a property you already own has got to be a lot cheaper that developing a new mascot or any type of game, but does it really make enough money, the hope being that enough people will buy into the franchise giving it a new lease of life. Only time will tell. But, does the medium really need a new Ratchet and Clank, a Crash Bandicoot or a Shadow of the Colossus, will the experiences still be as good as they were, with people able to play them and not having to reflect pack with the luxury of the Rose tinted spectacles.

Not that I would ever tell anyone what to play. We are lucky we enjoy a medium that is rich, with new experiences being developed all the time, with new experiences covering all manner of tastes. It doesn’t matter what you play as long as you enjoy playing it.

Keep gaming




  1. I’m all for having upgraded versions of classic games that I can play on new systems without having to dig up the old stuff. Though it can get a little overwhelming when people like Capcom rereleasing their games on every single system.

    It’s usually the remakes where things start getting really questionable though. Like that godawful Flashback remake.


    1. Had to go away and read about the Flashback remake, it does sound truly horrible. Glad I didn’t hear about it at the time as I have fond memories of the original despite getting absolutely nowhere with it


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