Fantasia Music Evolved

Wave those Hands in the Air


A little self indulgence in here.  Please forgive me ☺️

In fact’ I’m going to say something that is not too popular on this site or really any other for that matter.

I quite like  the Kinect. There i have said it. Internet shame befall me, actually that’s not quite true. What I do like about the Kinect, is the games they are silly, sometimes don’t or won’t work in the right way of sometimes even at all, but, their great, silly gaming fun.

One game to rule them all

of course. Even with the small library of games the Kinect does have one still sticks out in my mind as the best of the bunch and that, as you may have noticed from title is Fantasia Music Evolved and yes it, very loosely based on the Disney film of the same name. The game itself is, very fun. It’s asks nothing more if you than the ability to flail yours arms about in sort of time too any number of songs, most you will know and doesn’t even need that much floor space to play. With a really goofy major story that really just acts as a tutorial for the wet of the game, which is one of two things either two player multiplayer where two people an play against each other on the same song, competing toget the highest score or the version me and my friends like to play where each person picks a song like or are just familiar with and really gets into the mood and just goes for it enjoying their moment as the crazy conductor. Trust me if you have the game try getting used to a few of the classical piecies once, the song clicks the pure joy of just hitting the motions on screen to the sounds of the piece, is afeeling to behold.

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