It’s Finally Happened

It’s (almost) here.

What am i babbling about you rightly ask? I think you already know it’s… the SNES Mini. The was new, then old, now new and tiny, shiny console we didn’t know we wanted. Until we couldn’t get our hands on the NES mini and now we will just buy anything that’s tiny and shiny just to beat the ebayers too it.

Of course we will cherish the little consoles, cradle them like baby kittens as they sit, looking ever so tiny in our hands. Wondering how we ever got so much joy out the games that look so grainy now up against the wonders of the modern age.  We will tell ourselves that we are only buying it for StarFox 2. The first official release for a game that was finished twenty years ago. Rom websites don’t count 🙂

We should not get it just for Star Fox though. We shouldn’t get it just because it will look on the gaming shelf.

We should get it, for one reason. The games on it were great then and are still great now. Okay some maybe a bit basic against games of today. There is one thing, they still have and that is the games, will (I hope) still be great to play and after all, isn’t that we play games in the first in the first place? Of course we love the escapism, but would we enjoy that escape unless the games were worth escaping too?

Plus the games are great. Just have a little look at a few of games included below

  1. Mario Kart. The only that I am most looking forward to. I love this game, its my favorite Mario Kart and one of my all time party games. Really enjoyable in single player as well.
  2. Street Fighter 2. Perfect the fighting game that started the explosion of the genre. Absolutely perfect for button mashers and combo kings a like. Another great for a party.
  3.  F Zero. You will laugh, you will cry. You will swear. A lot. Its tough, its unforgiving but still one of the finest racers ever made.
  4. Super Punch out. Brilliant at the time and probably still brilliant now. Another multiplayer joy
  5. The Legend of Zelda- a link to the past. Completed Breath of the wild already? Then go back and re-play this masterpiece of a Zelda game setting the standard for Zelda games to come.

That’s only 5. There are so many more games on the console itself, including those two Star Fox games. That I think it may sell out even quicker than the tiny NES. I wonder how many of us, will get one this time around?





  1. As much as I love Nintendo, I never had an original Nintendo growing up. So the Nintendo classic never really appealed to me completely. However my first system was the super Nintendo, And so I really would love to add this to my collection.

    I will be the first to admit that I think the EU had a much nicer looking console, though!

    Hopefully this won’t be like the NES classic but I have a burning suspicion that it will be!


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