It’s Time for Another…

Look back into the dark passages of time. To play that which we have just been too lazy to play up until now. Yes it’s time for another Revisit!!!

Exiting? I know

Its time to get comfy, put your feet up and get ready to read the Revisit of Lara Croft: mass murderer, killer of tiny bunnies. Sorry, I meant: Rise of the Tomb Raider

Originally released in November 2015 for the XBOX 360 and XBOX One. Then later in January 2016 for Windows PC and not until October the 26th of the year 2016 for the PlayStation 4 but, at least they got a Zombie mode and all of the DLC and a VR mode so, that kind of made up for the wait right?

This danger simulator was met with overall critical approval upon its release with many gaming websites including GamesRadar and IGN both giving reviews in the positive

In fact the reviews were so positive that I actually went out and purchased an XBOX because of these very same reviews and still poor lonely Lara sat upon her shelf, dreaming of all the people she could kill, giant Bears she could skin and the oh, so many times she would die, falling of a cliff, or not quite making a simple jump and landing head first in a pit of spikes, all because of my simple inability to use a controller.

I digress. The game itself  like its predecessor before it is a thing of beauty from the snowy mountain tops at the start of the game to the warmer second and third acts ( no spoilers here) this is a game that really shows what the tech can do and I can only imaging how beautiful it will look once it gets its inevitable 4K update. Still a game is nothing with out its game-play and this game has it has it spades. The explosive action never really letting up from the get go and only ramping up near its conclusion coupled with a story ripped straight out of any generic action movie the stage, is set for some big dumb fun and fun is what you get over the course of the games run time and your quest to gain the knowledge to find the Diving Source. An artifact so powerful as to grant eternal live to those lucky enough to find it.

Play it Your way,almost

It looks like Crystal Dynamics have listened to a few of the criticisms that people had with the original reboot and made Lara a little less of a murder, gone is the necessity to slip an arrow between the eye of every enemy you meet as you can now play in a slightly more stealthy way (not the forced kind) with environments now slightly more engineered to give the player a little bit more freedom as you can now completely hide behind objects and use them for cover to go round groups of enemies, instead of the usual hide behind rock and jump out at the right time to quickly kill unwitting enemy we are used too.

Of course

There is no real reward for avoiding enemy contact as you not only miss out on enemy loot that can be picked up from enemy corpses and even the slightest mistake, as in miss timed shot or a guard checking up on his comrade not checking in on his radio has led me into on large firefight too many as I tried to sneak round a too large a group only to be foiled at the last minute.

Still love it though

The combat plays second string to how good an acrobat Lara now is,  I watched with a smile slapped across my face as Lara danced along dangerous ledges, pirouetted over deadly chasms all with a single ( well timed) button press from me. With the twelve different zones giving some quite different terrain to explore it was a joy to come to each new obstacle too find new ways and new tools that helped get us across the terrain ever quicker.

Brief Description

Put simply if you like, and enjoy the Uncharted games you will really enjoy this. Lara is straight from the Nathan Drake school of gaming with just a little bit more to like about her than the ever smarmy Mr.Drake.



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