Is It Still Worth Buying Games?

I know, I know, crazy ramblings of a madman but, here me out.

After all as gamer’s is buying games not our raison d’etre. Without buying games, where would our hobby  be? Would you have to find something new to blog about, find a new way to make small talk with strangers? After all everybody has played some sort of a game.

But is that about to change?

I am sure you are aware of the current myriad of  streaming options available.With the so called ”big players” Microsoft, PlayStation and EA. Moving towards what looks like a future based subscription model to at least some degree. With EA in two services in particular now offering a plethora of games. With two services that cover both the PC with Origin access and the X Box with EA Access,  With slightly different games available in each service, it looks like EA have taken the decision to make people want to at least try the two services, I guess once you have taken the option to subscribe to one service, its a lot easier to just give the other ago, if you have the right equipment of course. Much like the way supermarkets put the sweets near the till, knowing that once you have committed to at least one purchase in your mind, its easy to just pick something else up.

Will it work?

I am not sure if the subscription model can work for games though, not if you want people to still commit to that day one purchase, after all a massive amount of revenue must be made in able to keep making games. The AAA releases, the reasons a lot of people buy new consoles and upgrade PC’s cant be cheap to make and if there is no reason to buy a new console or a new graphics card is there any reason to make a new graphically advanced game?

The Majority

of gamer’s aren’t stupid.At least we don’t like to think we are. We also all have backlog beasts around or necks judging us on each new purchase, is that what the subscription model is for? will it help to kill the beast, will subscribing to a service help with the backlog. Out of sight out of mind? I am not sure after all there is always the occasional licensing. Will we constantly be falling fowl of a licence issue, similar to Alan Wake’s sudden departure from Steam? Never quite getting round to all those must games before they leave the service forever. Or will we quickly forget them and move on to our next gaming crush? Who knows,  only time will tell. I do feel however that we are entering an interesting phase with our chosen hobby. With the big established hitters and the little indie darlings able to carve out a much bigger piece of the gaming landscape. With the games in the middle the likes of TitanFall 2 and Sunset Overdrive being left of the shelf by the majority of  gamer’s, with people happy to leave them until they appear on the relevant service and a quick months subscription (which the owners of these services hoping that a month turns into three ) and a game able to die, if its a multi player experience quickly after launch only to be resuscitated a few months later and given a second chance as soon as it hits the subscription pay wall.

It could be good for

Exclusives, a lot of exclusives. With Microsoft looking more likely to step back into the exclusive party and Sony still bringing a lot of exclusives out, the exclusive games, the games you can’t play any where else you could be a major selling point of the services, especially with a version of each service soon to able on PC, giving people that would never normally buy a console or two the chance to play something that they never normally had a chance to play and with the only barrier to these games being a strong enough internet connection, the growth could really explode as internet speeds are increased in towns and cities that have customarily gone for one company over the other

Still only time will tell and maybe we might get something from Steam, and maybe even Nintendo,probably similar to the way that the Humble Bundle subscription works. Where this leaves the new consoles is a conversation for another day 🙂






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