Cuphead has finally got a release date. Howrah. rejoice!

Originally set to release on the original Xbox in 2014 has finally got it’s release date and its this very year September the 29th in fact .

Its a game I have been looking forward to immensely ever since it was first announced and one of the reasons I ended up  purchasing an XBox One as it made it’s way onto my  reasons to buy an XBox list. The wonderful hand drawn art style coupled with the funky jazz score had me hooked as soon as I saw the footage

Happy as could be

I was overjoyed.The world looked so wonderful and really led me to believe that it could be a spiritual successor to Micky Mouse: Castle of Illusion a game that still makes me smile even now, with its art style so perfectly fitting the sense of a cartoon come to life and a cartoon you could actually control. Pure bliss. Something about just playing the game immediately relaxes me and leaves with a big, silly smile on my face. Excusing some of the dodgy controls of course.  The recent PS3 remake is even better taking the wonderful art style one step closer to cartoon perfection

So with joy in my heart

I  Sat watching a few  streams of the game, not many, I didn’t want to spoil the game too much and i started to notice a few things, outside of the lovable art design and catch music, all of the streams had one thing in common, the games were hard  not as hard in I will give it a few goes, learn the attacks and then be able to kick the bosses ass hard but as in your about to go on a gaming quest hard, controller smashing with frustration hard, your partner looking at you in a strange way as you scream at the TV hard. Hard as in you may never be able to beat a certain boss  hard. Hard enough to reduce you to tears  and I find myself wondering is that something I want from my games? Do I want to scream at the TV, enrage myself to the point of jumping up and down on the spot just to work the anger through my system to stop having a heart attack? I am normally really mild mannered, honestly.

Maybe there is hope

There could be a way out of this misery. Having perused YouTube this morning I noticed a video by the Outside Xbox team and although at first I watched in dismay ( the video is entitled  5 Cuphead bosses that will ruin your life) almost making the decision that this game is really, really not for me, the presenter showed a snippet of the world map and said that the player will not only be able to ear power ups as we progress through the game but also and here is what made me exited for the game again be able to skip the boss and move onto another in a different part of the map. SO maybe there is hope, maybe. If one boss is too tough maybe we could move on in the hope of finding one slightly easier? Where that leaves us if all the bosses are too hard I don’t know, back to screaming at the TV I guess.Now however, there is hope where there was only sadness, I could even with my less than great ability at game playing be able, on a good day, to get somewhere in this beauty of a game.

Probably not, but maybe



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