Yes, I know you are Super Hot. You lovely reader you!

Apart from you, there is also a game called Super Hot and and that is what I would like to talk about today.

Now for the Gumpf

SuperHot  was originally created as an entry to the 7 day FPS challenge, the demonstration was so well received that it led to a browser based demonstration (which is still live), that again was so well received it led to the idea of a full blown game being thrown around, which led, as these things so often do now into the idea being put to Kick starter for backing. Which it duly received being released on Microsoft Windows on the 25th of Feb 2016 and the XBox one version releasing on the 3rd of May 2016.


Now we have that out of the way it’s time to talk about the game it’s self and what a game. Now, it’s a FPS which i know can turn a lot people but, don’t go. SuperHot is unlike any other first person shooter I have played. For the simple reason of time. Where in most shooters bullets whistle about you as a you go about your heroic or not so heroic duties. The bullets raining  down at you as you dodge weave and mainly just die trying to get out of the way. In SuperHot however you have time, time really, for the most part is on your side in this one for and here is the big hook for the game. TIME ONLY MOVES WHEN YOU DO. There you go such a clever idea I had to type it in capitals. For example there is a man holding a shotgun and as soon as he sees at you he points,takes aim and fires his shotgun straight at you leading to normally only one outcome, you are dead. Back to to the start of the level for you. Better luck next time. When time is on your side however,things are slightly different. The same scenario in SuperHot  is slightly different because as soon as you see said man with Shotgun you stop moving, you survey your surroundings, moving ever so slowly towards your target watching as the gun is ever so slowly aimed at you, as you move almost at lightening speed compared to your assailant, still you assess every option looking for an opening, maybe you see a pool cue sitting on a table, you could pick it up, throw it at the man, knocking the gun out of his hands, giving you the chance to race forward and pick it up before he does. Maybe you use a pool ball, maybe you just get into a better position. Maybe you have just watched the Matrix and feel like playing as Neo watching as the shotgun is ever so slowly raised and then fired at you the shotgun pellets flying through the air. You don’t panic in fact a great smile spreads across as you inch around each pellet getting nearer and nearer your target and his inevitable demise.

You See

Superhot isn’t really a shooter. It’s more of a puzzle game as you will constantly be over run with enemies, having to think on your feet as you dodge a fist or maneuver out of the way of a ninja star flying precariously close to your head as you at the same time fire a bullet into your nearest assailant from a gun you just punched out of your hand and caught in mid air. It really is that good.

Its coming to VR

Indeed it is, if you have any of the recent virtual reality devices it looks like SuperHot is already out on both the Vive and Rift and if teh YouTube videos it looks like its as close to us realizing our Matrix fantasies as we will get for sometime. Don’t worry PlayStation VR people. Its releases for PlayStation VR this week. Let me know how it plays 🙂






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    1. Its incredible isn’t it. I am toying with the idea of gettign a new graphics cards for my computer justso I can get the Rift version. It is as you say so good. Would love the chace to play it when ever I wanted


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