It’s Sale time

Its that time of year again. A time some people have saved for. Made lists for, guessed what will be included and of course, most of the time been wrong. What I am talking about you ask? Well, its sale time, you see, the time of year when video games companies gang together to laugh at us, their virtual tills ringing ever fuller as we the mere mortal games players keep adding to our ever growing back log by  forever adding just one more game, and on this one, just because its really cheap and we have heard good reviews about it. Will we ever play it? Maybe, but probably not as the list of games we just have to play grows ever longer I think at this point if I sat down to play just half of the games on my list it would probably take the rest of my live .


Trying to Be Strong

Have to be better, so many games, so little time as they say. This I have been, better, slightly. Managed to skip straight through the Steam sale ( very proud) but the Microsoft Sales got me ( not so proud) fell into the trap and purchased both Superhot and The Witness both excellent games and both felt like ”deals” with £15 of The Witness and £10 of Superhot. Slightly sad to see that the PS Sale which has just started at the time of writing has The Witness for less than £15, if you have not had a chance to get and you like puzzles you will really enjoy it.


 Its So Hard

We are weak. As my backlog is so big, I thought hard on how  to fix it. Playing some of the games was the obvious start but, the problem is that there are just so many good games out at the moment that’s it is hard to give your love and attention to just one and doesn’t a game you have had for a while seem, a little less desirable than a new and shiny game. A game that looks so good in those wonderful YouTube videos. So I had to think of a new answer, to find a way that would still let me buy a few newer games and also help me save a few pounds by being a bit older than those freshly released. The answer or so I thought was game of the year lists. That was a mistake. I checked in with the www. website and went to their game of the year list for 2016 old enough for the games to be a little cheaper than freshly released and also for them to frequently pop up on sales lists. With my thinking being that I could get one of the games every couple of months as and when one popped up for sale. I was dong so well. The first game that came up was the incredible Firewatch, enjoying that so much I waited for the next one to fall slightly in price and nothing did, or maybe I missed it, but still I waited churning through my backlog quite happily, until Superhot popped up on my list and again it is a fantastic game and again I felt really happy with my choice. Until and here is where I have boxed myself into a bit of a corner the recent Playstation Store sale which has, pretty much all of the rest of that game of the year list on sale, right now. It includes, Doom,Titanfall, Inside and The Last Guardian all games I am very eager to play and I don’t know what to do. Do I suck it up and buy them all? Only adding to my backlog or take my chances and buy one. Sticking to my guns in the very probable likely hood that once they have been on sale once they will ineviatabily be on sale again and again. Of course I could just buy them all on disc and save anyway but I like the lottery of the website sales.

Happy gaming

P.S The reason Polygon was chosen is that I found their list of games to my individual taste, it really does cover all bases. Please see the list for your self below.


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      1. Huh. So apparently this “Totally Digital” sale IS their summer sale, but it’s having some problems. For instance, if you go to the sale directly on the PlayStation Store it doesn’t say it, but this is apparently week 1 of 4 of sales. Also around 100 out of 122 games are not showing up as being on sale at all if I click on the sale in the store or even when I look them up individually, but for some reason when I click on this specific ad for the sale that they’re posting on FaceBook, I can now see that there are way more games on sale and add them to my cart at the sale price. if you want to take a look


      2. Also Salt and Sanctuary is half off for PS4 but not for Vita, but apparently you get both of you buy either one so you can just buy the PS4 one to get the vita one cheap (I have verified this personally)


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