Animal Killing (in games)

Great, absolutely, frigging  fantastic. I need a new satchel, to carry all my crap. Crap that I haven’t even found a use for yet, and yet for some reason I want to hold onto because  well you’ve played a few of these type of games before and gaming logic suggests that someday, somewhere in what could be another 40 hours of game as yet unseen that one, bronze jeweled clay plot could be just the thing to save the prince/princess and get you the true ending. Ending  number 1. But sadly this time, it’s not for you after you tossed it away to make room for yet another herb health potion your only get ending number 2 the one where you still won the day and everyone was mostly fine, apart from that prince/princess, they were eaten. Sorry. Yes, eaten by that horrible gorilla Cyborg, the one covered in Jewels,the one that really, really likes bronze jewel clay pots and you see, you didn’t have any and so, even though you thought nothing of it at the time as you still completed all the stupid fetch the jewels quests he gave you at the time. Why do you want Jewels you thought, There is no where left to stick them you thought. But you were wrong, there was room for one more and in not getting that one, that one extra shiny one that  you tossed away some 40 hours ago and can’t even remember throwing away now.   Leaves you stuck with ending number 2. Nobody ever wants ending number two. So what do you? You keep everything you come across. You steal everything that isn’t nailed down and that means ever bigger satchel bags and bigger satchel bags mean in the case of my current She-God among men simulator or Horizon Zero Dawn as some people like to call it killing small defenseless animals. Which I hate to do. Now it’s not just Horizon’s fault there are many others that are equally culpable, Red Dead Redemption I am looking right into your animal skinning eyes!


An in game animal activist

I just hate, killing anything small and furry. Actually after playing Horizon add anything large and mechanical to that list as well. In fact let’s just say anything with the remotest of animal traits, I have a hard time killing. I will happily run through a bandit camp killing and pillaging as I go all for some tiny and mostly insignificant reward. Where if you ask me to kill an animal I will agonize over it for ages and only kill the tiny little creatures if it’s absolutely necessary and there just is no other way. Is it too much to ask for just one vendor to have one satchel bag for sale! Hopefully as I progress through the game, somebody somewhere will sell me one.


Its getting Strange

This is something that has only developed lately and is purely down to just how good Horizon really is. You see, with the mechanical animals in the game, acting like they would do in the real world, if we all lived in a distopia, where giant mechanical beats run wild that is I have developed a kind of strategy to fighting the animals in the game a strategy of only attacking if I am being attacked attitude. Now I am sure that’s not the way the game is meant to be played. But I can’t help it they are just to darn real.

It’s not fair.

Now back to admiring the scenery and hiding, a lot.



  1. I haven’t played Horizon, but I don’t imagine I would be a pacifist like you in that game. Many critters have been slain by me, in MMOs, for example. All that said I would never buy one of those Deer Hunting games. The premise just sounds cruel.


    1. it’s getting worse. Hit a Deer with my car playing Boom Island from Just Cause 3, had to get out to see if it was okay. Felt really, really silly doing it. Especially as walking up to it I realized how incredibly pathetic the design was, it was still chewing grass despite being knocked 50 foot into the air and landing in a heap.

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