For Freedom! (or something like that)

Dropped into a vast jungle, I quickly grab my weapons and run. I run knowing that the only way out of this nightmare of a hell hole, that I have somehow found myself  in isn’t to hide and hope for someone; better, someone bigger, stronger and hopefully armed with a never ending supply of bullets isn’t going to appear out of nowhere and make it all better. No that isn’t going to happen. It isn’t going to happen because that person, who is bigger, better, stronger and happily, armed with a never ending supply of bullets is ME and I am here to do some saving. Not just of the many captives my enemy seems intent on littering the battlefield with but also my enemy. For you see, I am here to also liberate the devils. To free them from their evil overlords and help them see the light, the light of freedom, of liberty and above all else America. No I am not here to discuss current  American politics dear reader, please rest easy. I am of course here to talk about games and one game in particular and that game is: BROFORCE

A game that has until this weekend sat it my pile; of had a quick play and I really should get back to it games. A game that was only played this weekend in an attempt to show that graphics don’t matter. A good game is a good game regardless of their graphical capabilities (although a game has to get the sound effects right)

Yes dear reader a game so good it helped me win an argument.

and just for clarity the other games we played were: Super Meat Boy, Hotline Miami, Towerfall Ascension and (my current gaming crush) Super Hot but it was Broforce that won the debate for me, the one we kept coming back to it, to have ”just one more go” a lie that all gamer’s have told themselves on occasion and a lie we managed to tell ourselves for more than two hours as we constantly hit the retry button death after death. Death’s that had us laughing in their downright stupidity one second to almost controller smashing the next as we were blown to smithereens by an explosive barrel we really should have seen and definitely should not have been standing on top of.

Maybe its because we are 80’s children

Maybe as we were big fans of 80’s and some 90’s action movies in our teens and this game actually let you play as the ”stars” in this game is what clouded our judgment but we didn’t think. It could also have been that in the earlier levels at least the reward for rescuing a a captive from the enemy wasn’t some arbitrary points or just an extra live, it was that sometimes once certain criteria were met  you were rewarded with a new action hero to play as and as each and every new character gained was announced in extreme 80’s style with the word BRO added somewhere in the title (think Rambro or BroDredd) our tiny little minds were giving something to laugh at and also a reason to keep playing as we each wanted to be the next to find Snake Broskin or my personal favourite the Brominator. Still we agreed the game was better than the gimmicks. It was the way it played. The way a well timed grenade could clear out most of a level the one explosion causing a chain reaction that went on for maybe 30 seconds each explosion leading to the next. Its also tuff ( at least for us) With a one hit and your dead rule. The game is hard sometimes forcing you to plan your attacks, especially against the level bosses as these things could sometimes fell impossible to kill until you had learnt there moves and worked out your strategy for how to beat them.


So basically, does a game have to the prettiest graphics of them all to survive? no of course not. A great game is a great game no matter the picture it presents.

The video below is not mine but it may go a little way to show how strange this game is