Waiting for The Download

Just a quick post today as I am currently, looking for something….Anything to do whilst Thumper, downloads to my PS4. I whisper the next sentence: I think XBox live may have a quicker download speed   That can’t be true. Although right now as I slowly watch the progress bar make its way to a 100% it really does feel longer. In fact I am sure at one point it actually started to  stop downloading. I am sure it was just testing me, to make sure I am paying attention; because, what else can you do as your chosen move, game or what ever else, ever so slowly makes its way to 100%

So allow me if you will to pass some of my boredom onto as I list the top five reasons I had for buying Thumper. A game that’s so strange its developers gave it is own genre. Rhythm Hell. Yep, Drool called it rhythm hell.


  1.    It looks incredible. Have you seen it on YouTube? Watched a video review? If the answer is yes, you will know what I mean. Who doesn’t want to see that little beetle liek creature, hurtle through track after track, sweating as you do trying to stay alive and all the while dancing along to the hypnotic beats of that crazy soundtrack
  2.   That soundtrack. It sounds incredible, have a listen yourself. It sounds inspiring and must be an absolute joy as you hammer your joypads buttons in time to it.
  3. VR. Please don’t tell my wife, but when I do get VR. That’s the bit you can’t tell her. I want to have a little stack of games ready to play, a counter argument to the cost of the VR. When she talks about how much it will cost and it will cost a lot as we are factoring in Move Controllers, a camera and the gun here, I can say but wait, I already have x amount of games and maybe just maybe, taht will swing the argument in my favor, if she plays Thumper and enjoys teh visuals, imagine how much better it will look in VR I will say.
  4. Its made by  a company called Drool. I don’t know why but, that name makes me smile and by the looks of how complicated some of the latter levels are. Drooling is what I will be doing as all of my concentration will be else where.
  5. Its in the sale. I know, never buy anything just because its on sale. I just dont think I would have seen it, if it wasn’t in this months playstation sale. As I am trying to finish of my backlog( another point in the VR section) I just don’t think I would have seen it. Just don’t ask me why I was in the sale section, if I was tryign to clear my back log. I have no answer for you 🙂

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  1. Thumper looks and sounds amazing! I wonder how it will actually handle in VR. Any plans on posting an update when you get to play this with a VR setup and comparing the different play styles?


    1. After playing it for the last 30 minutes or son in standard mode I can not wait to play it in VR and comparing the two. Better start gathering those brownie points, so I can get the VR machine.

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