What A Drop!

I don’t normally do but this but, this week’s Playstation drop. Is just too fantastical. So abhorrent in its goodness that I just have an over whelming need to share it.  and share it I will nobody can stop me. Actually, please don’t stop me.

1st up is a big one for me. A game that could answer the immortal gaming  question. The question comes from a review of the original Doom all those years ago. The reviewers question was ” what if you could talk to the monsters instead of having to kill them”. He was laughed at by the larger gaming community but something in stuck with me and I guess it stuck with Toby Fox as Undertale his first labour of gaming love may finally help us answer that question as Undertale is not quite your normal RPG you see, as you  are able to talk your way out of any ”enemy” confrontations. Apparently you do not have to kill a single monster you come across. All can be talked too and talked round. It’s possible to finish the game with a level 1 character. Of course it’s just as possible to kill everyone you meet on sight, in the more traditional gaming sense. After all, sometimes you just want to kill stuff.  I am going to try the pacifist approach though and not just because I know I will be rubbish at the fighting. The soundtrack sounds amazing as well. Wait theres more, it’s cross-buy. Get those Vita’s out


2nd up is the game that every one has high hopes even if we have been let down so many times before and its Sonic Mania. Maybe, this time our childhood memories will be relived as we jump, dash and above all battle Dr. Robotnik in an all new Sonic game, that looks surprisingly like all the old classic Sonic games, back when they were good, and of course this version has lead programmer Christian Whitehead, the  man who made the Sonic mobile ports as brilliant as they are. It even starts with the wonderful SEGA

2. Matterfall or as it will be called in my house; another game that makes me whimper like a child and throw my controller on the couch. It’s not Housemarque’s fault, I am just not very good at any of their games whether it’s the beautiful Resogun or the thumb stick breaking Dead Nation, Housemarque seem intent on making brilliant games they just happen to be games that show me just how adequate my gaming skill is and seem intent on showing it to me again and again ( maybe one day I will learn my lesson) as I just can’t stop buying their beautifull, controller breaking, rage quitting games.

4. Nidgogg II What can I say about this is you haven’t played the original one on one fencing extravaganza go, down load the Playstation Now trial and give it a whirl. Its lots of fun. Will the second game be as good? We will soon find out, the art style of the new game has got some people worried, but I have high hopes for it. Especially as it now looks like it has a story mode


5. Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul. maybe this game could just be called don’t play alone. This looks terrifying and its playable in VR which makes me somehow  way too scared to play and also really want to play. I know this doesn’t make sense but it just looks too good to miss.  Expect a YouTube video of me crying into my headset and asking for my Mum as soon as I can get a VR headset to play this.



  1. Also see Observer and Night Trap Anniversary Edition.

    I already have Sonic Mania Collectors edition pre-ordered just for that statue and I might grab Observer if it’s not too much but I’ve pretty much spent every cent I have until next month already…

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