Well, This is Slightly Embarrassing

Great Games Never Played.

Here we sit at Games and Stuff towers idly leafing through the ideas pad wondering just what the devil to write about today when I stumble across an idea we had for a piece a few months ago. At a time when this little blog was merely a thing that would be. A time when this blog existed but it contained no musings, no badly spelled blog posts or anything else at all. It was merely a means to an end. A means to an end as in when the question of ” why are you playing so many games” arrived the answer was always ” research for the blog”. As so I was left alone. Happy in my world

I digress.

The very first idea we ever put to paper was going to be a feature on great games never played and in it we would list all the great games that we and our friends had never, for what ever reason not got around to playing. We hoped the shame and friendship ridicule would motivate and elucidate our sorry selves to get up and give these great games ago. Sadly this is still an on going project, for a couple of reasons. The first being that I have far too many great games, never played. The feature could just be a picture of my backlog with me hanging my face in shame and secondly the very conversation seemed to start a kind of backlog killing spree as everyone I asked had very quickly carved out enough free time in their week to at least many of the games we were looking at Bioshock, Hitman, Meta Gear Solid, The Last Guardian, Half Life, The Last of Us etc a good going over.

All was not lost.

There were a small part of the notes that could be used however and that was the reason why you just could not get on with a game. Bear with me we all have a few in our personal pits of shame, games that the gaming media, friends and even you dear reader will love with all your hearts and yet me, the uncultured gaming nerd will look on with disdain, with a downright loathing and it will be for a reason so obscure that you will look at us with a strange look in your eye and shake your head at the thought, that some one could hate something so much for such a tiny detail, something you have never even noticed before and silently decide that if you ever see us walking down the street you will cross to the other side, just to be careful. I bet though, you too have a stupidly, stupid reason for hating a game too 🙂

Let me be the first to put my toe in the water and say why have never been able to get anywhere with..Metal Gear Solid. Oh dear here goes ( actually a bit nervous). Right the reason why I have never been able to get anywhere with Metal Gear solid is because of a couple of reasons, the way he runs. Sounds like he is running through a bog, his boots seem to squelch no matter what the terrain. It makes me feel sick and I like walking, there is just something in that squelch that sets my teeth on edge. Somehow it reminds me of the dentist, makes me want to gag, in short its just horrible. Sounds like someone is half blowing up a balloon and letting it go down again. Over and over again. It actually makes my heart beat a little harder. Look at the video below. If you dare and you might see what I see. I hope you don’t. Don’t have the memory of what for you could have been a great game spoiled. By the bog walking squelchy boot man. If you do its about the 8.11 mark

Any silly reasons you have for not playing the current gaming wonder of the week?



10 thoughts on “Well, This is Slightly Embarrassing

  1. I really liked Metal Gear Solid, but then when I played Metal Gear Solid 2 I couldn’t follow the plot at all, which probably had something to do with all the drugs I was on back then, and so I decided that I didn’t like the series anymore and never touched them again until over a decade later when 5 was revealed and looked so good that I felt compelled to try again.

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    1. I have tried them all at some point, I really want to like them. The plots sound incredible, if confusing. As soon as he moves, though I have to look away. Did you enjoy it, when you went back to it?


      1. Oh yeah (though 2 is pretty hard to follow still even when sober). I picked up the legacy collection and went through the whole series from original 1 to 5 and spent around 100 hours on 5. What a crazy adventure it all was. RIP Metal Gear!

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  2. Great post! I’m also a person that hasn’t played many great games. Titles such as mass effect, dragon age and more currently Destiny. I just have a hard time getting in to some games even if I feel like I’d enjoy them. It’s weird but I love multiplayer games as well so games like mass effect will never truly appeal to me. Thanks for sharing!


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    1. We are so similar in our tastes. I am sitting here right now watching a friend play Destiny and I just have no interest in it. Thanks for commenting


      1. Ditto here. I’d never played Destiny before, although my other-half and friend kept moaning at me to try it so I could play with them. I finally caved in last night and gave it a go… but I don’t see what all the fuss is about!

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