It’s Time To Get Nervous

This Friday the long awaited Xbox exclusive Cuphead will be finally, (please don’t delay it) released to the general public and that means ladies and gentlemen that video games reviewers across the world are hoping one thing. They are hoping they don’t have to review it. Don’t get me wrong video game reviewers are like they the rest of us, they want to play the game as much as the rest of us. To find out, if the wait was really worth it, if the delays were really necessary, if the wonderful hand drawn sprites and catchy Jazz tunes are just a smoke screen a cover up of a good pitch that gone bad. Yes they, like the rest of us want to play the game really, really badly, they just don’t want to play it on a live stream. Can you imagine? Knowing you have to give your opinion on something that its supposed to bring life back to the XBox, its one of Microsoft s very few console exclusives. It has to be good. Its also going to be very, very hard. No pressure Mr/Mrs Games reviewer. Its going to be a tough task. If you say its too hard the fouler parts of the internet will laugh at you. If you say it’s too easy no one else will believe you.

Good Luck.  Lets cross our collective fingers and hope for a great game.

That has had the difficulty turned down, just a notch.

If you hear someone weeping into their controller on Friday. It will be me.


13 thoughts on “It’s Time To Get Nervous

      1. Cuphead (suprise) Shadow of War, Wolfenstein and also a massive collection of black Friday games that I won’t ever play. Still waiting for Playstation VR to come down to £299.99 with the camera.


  1. Preordered last night, cannot wait to get home and give this a crack! Although I also happened to snatch a SNES classic this morning, so currently being pulled in 22 directions…

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  2. Reviewers should have nothing to fear if they give their honest opinion that they stand behind. The internet is a huge place so regardless of what critics say some people will disagree with them. I don’t have an Xbox so I won’t play Cup Head. A blessing in disguise I suspect, as I suck at difficult games.

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