Beta impressions: Star Wars Battlefront II

Confession time! I am useless at online shooters. Really, really bad at online shooters. I shouldn’t play on line shooters, I should watch others but, as a big time Star Wars fan I decided to download the demo and give it a go.  What could go wrong? Here is what I thought about it before I deleted it in angry huff.

Its so pretty, so incredibly and utterly gorgeous that I could spend my time just walking around the Takonda map just taking in the scenery. It could be sold as a getaway retreat, Birds fly through the trees as you walk past, trees sway in the breeze, with the leaves on those trees look absolutely incredible, the lighting just perfect the forest just look natural,  and alive with wonderful attention to detail. With an incredible amount of time and probably money  spent on getting the veins in  those leaves in particular looking just right. There incredible and I should know as I spent far too long getting shot in the back getting, lost in their beautiful green foliage. Kind of reminds me how pointless most fights are as we got on with the fighting and Mother Nature just ignores and waits for our time to pass all the while getting on with her business totally uncaring as to the plight of so many people dying all around her.

Piloting a ship is still an odd experience. Flying a ship in Battlefront I was an odd experience it was neither enjoyable or awful, it was as if you were a child again and someone had given you a Star Wars ship as a present. of course it couldn’t really fly but you made do with your imagination, epic space battles in the theater of your mind where you were always the hero or villain. When those space battles wouldn’t come to mind I made due with a piece of string tied around my ship and used to pull the string up and down and make the ship kind of bop up and down as it flew through the air (all the better for avoiding asteroids) and this is how flying a ship feels in both of the new Battlefronts, it feels as if your ship is tied to a piece of string and you are awkwardly trying to control it. Unless, of course you are trying to avoid a lock-on. The barrel rolls and swift turns made me fill a bit ill. Would probably feel incredible in VR (nudge, nudge, wink, wink EA)


My biggest worry however is where do i fit in? My play style does not fit a Battlefront game. As in, my play style is very much running around trying not get shot whilst the better members of my squad get the job done. I am more than happy to look busy, throw an ammo pack here or a health pack there and I am in my element. Support class has always been the way I have played my online shooters but, this option seems to have gone cast aside as we are always directed towards the action, with a return to the battlefield in 10 seconds timer appearing whenever the player deviates even slightly from the set course.  This is not good for me. If I see you I will try and shoot you but, you will shoot me first as I will always (without fail) click on zoom to make sure I get the best shot I can before firing even though I know that this is Battlefront and its a lot more forgiving with its shooting mechanics. You can even fire a perfect shot whilst sprinting and still i insist on trying to get the perfect shot. I have tried the sniper class and guess what? I am just a crap a shot with a sniper rifle as I am with a blaster. Ever had someone shoot around you as you ran for cover? Yep, that was probably me.


Anyway that was my little moan. Have you played it? What were your thoughts?

Almost forgot, there is a mode where you can play as Darth Maul, double light sabers and all. It challenges you with killing (murdering) a certain number of enemy soldiers in a certain amount of time with each kill granting a few more precious seconds to find and execute your pray. Where I don’t normally go in for this sort of thing, this mode has such a wonderful sense of purpose with Darth Maul’s single minded devotion to the task in hand so obvious, I really enjoyed it and its probably my favorite mode available in the beta. If there was a way of letting them escape I might have done it. but, I feel that Dart Maul would have killed me instead.

Really should have written this post out on paper first. I forgot the loot crates! Yes, loot crates, boxes what ever you want to call them are all present and correct. They now replace any money that EA would try and make from the player in the form of expansion packs. Expansion are now gone. What we have is an upgrade to Battlefront I’s star card system and well it, could go either way on one hand a daily crate is awarded to the player just for turning up, it can contain anything from a few pieces of the games currency to put towards an upgrade or could be an upgrade in itself anything from a gun, to a a scope or a an enhancement for your chosen character type. If that’s all it does, I am happy with it as it rewards player dedication and anything does that encourages a community and that encourages EA not to abandon the game in the near future. On the down side. you could very easily fall into a pay-to-win scenario. If two players of equal skill come up against each other in the field of battle and one of them has purchased a better gun, shield or what ever with real money they, will win the encounter 9 times out of ten. Not sure if that is a good thing?

7 thoughts on “Beta impressions: Star Wars Battlefront II

  1. I haven’t played it yet but I have watched a few streams on it. You’re definitely correct, the game looks beautiful. I’ve never played a Star Wars game but Battlefront II looks fantastic and I may have to invest in the game when it releases.

    -Luna 🙂

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    1. Hope you enjoy it. Hopefully the single player stuff ( which isn’t in the beta) will be good as at the moment I can see it only really appealing to die-hard Star Wars fans and those who really love a competitive shooter. Its a shame as I felt that Battlefront 1 although basic tried to cater to both the hardcore and the more casual markets. Only time will tell I guess.

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      1. Absolutely! But normally Betas are the test out the multiplayer modes and make any last minute tweaks. I’m sure the single player mode will be great as well 🙂

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  2. I like playing support in shooters too. In Overwatch my main is Mercy, who is a healer. That game has lootboxes too, but no upgrades. Everything you acquire is cosmetic items.


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