Thumper: A Confession

I should have listened, I should have stopped. Its not as if I wasn’t warned. You told me not to do it. You told me it was hard.

I didn’t listen. Caught up in a gamer’s ego, a storm of my own making. My fingers were fast enough I told myself, my reactions just quick enough, I thought. I could do it. I could complete it

I was wrong. Of course. My reactions? to slow. Fingers fast enough? Not even slightly. With every replay of a level (of which there were many) my hands became more and more clammy. Clammy, gave way way to sweat. Sweat gave way to a river of water as the stream pored down my hands, making the controller wet to the touch. I missed vital button combinations. Combinations, that should have been met and met easily, if I had any hope of completing this game. Still I progressed.Tried again and again just to finish the early levels. With the soundtrack ever with me, its relentless drum beat pushing further and further,on and on. To improve, to get better, to win.

I don’t know how I did it.

Thumper became my drug. It became part of my routine, part of my life. I played it whenever possible. Whenever I was ready for a challenge, ready to curse,to let off some steam, to be crushed, to try and to try again. Thumper is this much fun. Its soul destroying, ear damaging (if you use a headset) and generally an uncaring spirit, crushing monster but, its really good. As you get better and better you start to become one with the game, to anticipate every turn, every move, twist and turn of the track and then. Once you have reached your gaming Nirvana.The whole world of this Rhythm hell game is open to. You marvel at yourself as you suddenly relax, start appreciating the world flying past you,knowing you have the next turn, the next button tap. You can see it coming, and you know have already beaten it. When the game clicks with you its marvelous, a wonderful release and a wonderful pay off for all the hard work you have put in and now i am done. I am finished with the game (or is it finished with me. I wonder what to do with my time.

For those of you that don’t know Thumper is a rhythm violence simulator released by Drool in 2016 in it you play as a Beetle hurtling along a track, dodging spikes, turns and general unpleasantness as you go using only your anticipation and your sense of timing to hit the right button combination in the right time to keep your little Beetle along for just a second longer. Played on the PS4 but, I understand its also on everything else, including VR and the Switch.







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  1. I loved this game, but it was brutally hard (the last level with it’s shifting rhythm was crazy). The visuals were great and the music fit perfectly. The Zen-like state you end up in when you’re performing well is bizarre considering the level of focus needed.

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