Star Wars

Slightly disappointed by the Star Wars Battlefront II beta was I.

Sorry, no more Yoda speak. The beta was less than great though. Wasn’t it? It had all the photographic brilliance of the most recent of the Battlefront games but none of the excellent game play that made the original games such a joy to play. The beta felt bland and uninspired rewarding people who played continuously  with only slightly better than normal loot boxes or rewarding people who were happy to spend extra actual physical cash with rewards that were out of the grasp of the normal player no matter how good or how much time they put in. Although I do hear that has been fixed in time for release, thankfully.

However with the single player story, the part I was most looking forward too only lasting somewhere between 5-7 hours, or 10 if your like me and are so utterly useless at  shooters that the latter missions will invariably take you much, much longer than the average player. No matter how in tune with the ”force” you are. Plus not forgetting the main plot of the story being from point of view of the bad guys, the Empire. Has not lead to my excitement levels being piqued by any degree. I mean its like playing as the Nazi’s in Wolfenstein. Who wants to do that? Star Wars is a universe in which you are the rebels. Where you have to be the fun loving ultra cool rebels. You have to love them, you have to want to be them, its the whole point of the franchise. Would the original films have been so successful if you saw everything from the Empires point of view? A point of view that just wanted the galaxy to run as one, for everyone to set their clocks to the right time, just so the galaxy could get a good nights sleep? No you have to love the rebels. The stayed up too late, missed work today,  lovable but roguish rebels.

Which in a rather round about way lead me to deciding to not get the new Star Wars Battlefront game and so I was all set for a Star Wars free November until I read about Microsoft releasing some original Xbox games to coincide with the release of their new Death Star of a console the X Box One X and glittering among the first batch of releases was one of the best Star Wars games ever released: Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic. the second best Star Wars game ever made after Knights of the Old Republic 2 and yes I know its been available on PC for ever and yes, it has had full HD support for ages  and is fully controller compatible and of course I could of played it ages ago but I want to re-live my early years of playing an RPG for far, far too long in a galaxy far, far away and enjoy using my Jedi mind powers to make everybody be really, really nice to each and go to bed at a reasonable time. 🙂

It doesn’t even have any achievements and I am totally okay with that. I promise

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  1. Shame about Battlefront disappointing. Perhaps the developer can use Beta feedback to improve things.

    Knights of the Old Republic is a game I would love to play on console some day. Years ago I tried it on PC. Although it was fun I had to give up midway through as my crappy computer kept crashing.

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