The Joy of Ten

Buying something new is lovely isn’t it? Tearing that shrink wrap of your new game, sometimes asking your teeth for help as it’s just tightly wrapped is a joy. The involuntary smile as your prize is finally free from its constraints and ready to  please you with all its new game wonderfulness.

Its a lovely experience . One that can only be beaten by getting a new console or handheld and then they fantasies really start to kick in. You have seen all the  adverts  and salivated over the promise of that is yet to come. The promise of new worlds to explore, armies to vanquish, worlds to save, goals to score and most importantly fun to be had. For what else does your new purchase promise but, fun? Plain old, join us for the best time of your life fun. Sometimes how ever the promises are too good. The adverts too great. Your shiny new bringer of joy has been released too early and for the first couple of years is a gaming waste land and every time you spot your now not so new device you look at it with a touch of sadness, like a once great great friend you now only nod too if you see them in the street. It has happened to me a few times. I like getting new consoles, new tech and most of it, never really gets used. So from from on here at GamesandStuff towers we have come up with a full proof plan for never wasting our money again and that plan is? The Joy of Ten

The Joy of Ten. Sounds weird doesn’t it? Let me explain.

Its a very simple idea before I buy a new console, handheld,mobile phone or any time saving device I have to prove to myself that it can do ten things that none other of my other devices can do. To make it a little easier on myself for the gaming side of things it just have to be ten exclusives. Ten games that are available no where else. Used to be really easy for Playstation and Microsoft in their arms race for console dominance, with them buying up developers left right and center and constantly inventing new tech separate to each other  made a list to 10 really easy in a consoles first couple of years and well Nintendo. Nintendo made such different toys for us to play with that with Wii I was able to get one within the first six months of its release, once I found one for sale.

Its Nintendo that again have led to draw up another top ten list for last night I spent a couple of hours playing the new Mario Odyssey and let me tell you its quite the thing,an absolute joy to play and of course now I need my own copy, and that means I need to get a Switch. So where to start? With the list of course. Please see my ongoing list so far. This list is not in a any order. The points system is simple 1 point if if I can buy in a shop (love the physical copies) ½ if its download only or I am not sure I will ever finish it. Sorry Zelda most open worlds are not for me.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild   ½

Mario Kart 8 Delexue                             1

Super Mario Odyssey                             1

Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle         1

Splatoon 2                                                  1

Arms                                                            1

Snipper Clips Plus                                    1

Golf Story                                                   ½

7/10 down only 3 to go. Any gems that I may (probably) missed. They just have to be Switch exclusives, apart from that anythign goes.


Thanks for your help 🙂