Wolfenstein: The New Colossus

Or how it should be titled: Come for the guns but stay for the conversation.

You see Wolfenstein 11(thanks Wikipedia) isn’t a bad, in fact it’s a very good game and rightly fully deserves its place on the many, many game of the year. It’s just not a very good shooter: The guns feel light weight and unresponsive compared to other games in the series, there is no heft to them, you will not have a smile plastered across your face as you lay waste to hordes upon hordes of evil Nazis and not just because the game is incredibly hard (more on that later) it’s because the guns are boring to use fire and even look at. It’s as if they are from a different generation of hardware, they look neither interesting or weighty in BJ’s hands, mainly in a generic black.

It’s a hard game

Now don’t get me wrong i am not the greatest gamer,  but I do a appreciate the difference between a hard game that you can learn as you as in Dark Souls or Cuphead , where yes the games are hard but each death is rewarded  with new information on how to beat the particular enemy, each death only a stopping point between you now and the you when you have learnt the attack patterns and have become a gaming Ninja ducking and weaving between each enemy attack. Wolfenstein is not like that its hard just to be hard. Enemies on all but the lowest of difficulty levels will attack you relentlessly leaving you no time no space to breath and unless you are a really good gamer no chance to enjoy the game. Where I do hope people will find happiness with some of the harder difficulties as they carefully, slowly crouch and hide between each enemy encounter I have never found this way of play works for a Wolfesntein title you are BJ Blazkowicz after the gun totting Nazi killer and as I have always played him as the hero of the titles charging into battle the new slower more calculated approach really got to me. Until I dropped the difficulty down to a level where I could happily run around the maps guns blazing ,shooting everything and everyone.

The collectibles

So, so many collectibles. Yes I know the decision by MachineGames to not include loot boxes, power cards or even multiplayer is a bold move in 2017. It looks like however the trade-off was lots and lots of things to collect, sure it adds replay-ability to the levels after all you can’t collect everything in one go but when it gets in the way of a good fire fight enough is enough I am trying toshoot things here, can’t see who I want to shoot though as my screen is full of little messages like press x to collect that hold x to view this it’s annoying. Plus its even turned me and fervent non collector into looking for things to collect  for ever going to random corners of levels just to see whats there.

The level design

This feels awful to say but they are a bit boring and slightly generic. It’s as if, looking hard enough you can see the original Wolfenstein levels and these new levels have just been built over the top of them, rendered, filled in and ready to go.

End on a high note.

Still its a great game. A  great game not because of its okay shooting, its generic level design or even its never-ending series of things to collect. Its a great game because of its characters. Wolfnestein has some of the best cut scenes I have ever seen the voice acting is perfect, graphically its beautiful and the main characters become people you actually care about. It isn’t just a great story for a shooter, its a great story for any game.