Why do we keep doing stuff were bad at?

I have a problem, it’s a little bit of a secret but, we are all friends here and I feel its a safe place 🙂 and its a secret  that a few of you may share with me? I am very bad at  computer games. Very, very bad indeed. You will always me towards the bottom of any online leader board looking up towards the big guns. One the one day  I did manage to finish inside the top three on a Call of Duty match I was so shocked I actually tried to a take picture of the screen with my phone to capture the moment and treasure it for ever. I couldn’t take the picture in time. My reactions as always, too slow.

It’s not just shooters. Catch me playing a sports title and you will win, all too quickly the pressure of going a goal behind gets to me and I fall apart and like an egg dropped from a height, splat. I will you whack the sofa, stamp my feet and swear far too much as I fall to exactly the same move time and time again. I know I should be better than this to learn from my mistakes and I try I really do.

When I pick up a new fighter something like Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter V its straight to the training to practice, to train. To get better but once I am out in the real world, it all falls apart as I walk into trap after trap. Some players even think my terrible abilities on-line are some sort of trap, a lure. To let them win the first round so easily that they must be careful in the second, to keep away and fight from a distance as no one could be that rubbish and continue to play. Trust me they could. I am that person.

It all changed when I found Rocket League.

Rocket League a game like football but not, like car racing but different. A game where you have use your car to somehow get a giant football into the opposition’s goal, a great concept in itself. Wonderful to play I thought, until I went on-line. I was tricked by the single player content the ease  of which the trophies came flying into my virtual cabinet. Score ten goals in a match for a trophy it said and I did, easily. Don’t concede a goal in a match was the err goal of another and so easy was the goal to defend, I actually thought I could play on-line, that competing would be easy.  I was very wrong, the level of team work and pure individual skill is so high on line that I would often have nothing to offer the opposing team but applause as they scored one ludicrous goal after another . Not that my own team was bad, I let them down, it’s just so much easier to see the beauty in the goal if you don’t have a chance to stop it.


Why do I do it? To continue to put myself through the mincer as I once again fall to another defeat and no it’s not just because I like getting the comeback medal in Call of Duty. I think it’s along the lines of why I watch football. It’s for the chance to watch people better than you could ever hope to be performing to the highest of their ability, to show you how its done, to take something that you find so hard and make it look so easy, so natural so wonderful. Plus I am still having a great time, even if I am pretty rubbish

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