Uncharted: The Lost Legacy

Uncharted, you beautiful, wonderful Sunday afternoon matinee of a game, how close you are too perfection.

Close but not quite close enough. It does so many things right and even manages to add a few new things to a mix that its easy to forget your playing a pared down Uncharted an Uncharted with all the bits you (I) love about the series with most of the boring bits taken out. Heres a few of the things I loved and a few of the things I didn’t like so much.

If you like the floaty, driving, climbing the many, many walls be they old temples or just walls of a run down street to the beautiful waterfalls they are here waiting for you in all their Naughty Dog beauty,

I keep finding myself using the word beauty and it’s not just because I can’t think of another word that can describe the look of this game it is absolutely stunning ( I found one word) At the start of each and every chapter I found myself slack-jawed at the sight of the level in front of me. I can’t think of another game that is as good-looking as this.

Its fun. That’s something I don’t find myself saying enough when playing a game, some you play for the grind, for the reward to come, for the challenge, to say you have done it. With Uncharted I wanted to see what was behind the next cliff, over the next waterfall or in the next temple. The reason for doing this was the fact I was having so much fun with the game, a big smile across my face as I roped swung, drove and climbed through eight glorious hours with the game.


Nadine is my new favourite character, Last we saw of Nadine in Uncharted 4  we left her broken her company once owned by her dad now taken from her. Nadine had failed in her mission and she was not happy, She was also a little bit one-dimensional . In the Lost Legacy  she is given a character a whole lot of character from an initial wariness we see her develop and her friendship with Chloe which starts out as little more than a business arrangement blossoms into a meaningful friendship by the time the credits roll.

Now some things I wasn’t so keen on.

It doesn’t for the most part try anything new yeah a few tricky puzzles are thrown in that do add to the game and will probably have you stuck for a few minutes trying to figure them out are a nice touch but apart from that you are playing the same old Uncharted from the wall climbing to risky tomb robbing, right up to the hundreds of mercenaries killed in the name of a profit.Its the same old same old, If you like that great, you will love this, if not it’s not going to convince you other wise

The Driving

I hated the driving segments in Uncharted 4 and I still hate the driving segments in this. I can see the car floating through the air as I try to control it. It’s as if Naughty Dog have given you some control over it but really, really want you to see whats over here and so have strapped a rubber band over your car, Just to show you what you should be doing. I understand why they do it. The game is only ever a few minutes away from another excellent set-piece but, I still find it irritating.

The shooting.

The shooting in Uncharted, is very much like the driving its only ever a means to an end, a way to sign post you to another set piece. It’s just not very good, the guns have no punch, the aiming always feel off (that could just be my aim) but it never really feels like you’re in a fire fight, desperately fighting for you life. It feels more as if you are in a shooting gallery waiting for the next head to pop pop up into view. I have tried upping the difficulty but then it goes the other way. As if all your enemies are suddenly the Terminator, which super hero, speed, hearing and an aim to match,

In conclusion Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a great game. It’s not quite up there with Uncharted 2 but not much is and given its lower price point, it’s very much worth a play.Plus its got a photo mode, gets that camera ready and the photos ready to share.