The Sale Snail

I don’t like to buy games new, don’t feel the need to be the first to complete a game, to get that review out as soon as possible. I am happy to wait to bide my time, sure I have to avoid the odd spoiler and I do miss reading other peoples blogs about the latest and greatest ”must have thing” I like to wait to stalk my prey, to imaging how good it will be of adventures yet to come.

There is of course a reason for my general apathy when ever a new game I am interested in is finally ready to shows it’s face to the world – and no, not just because I am tight. Its because of…


I love a good sale. In days gone by whenever dragged to the shops by my parents you could always find me, head down rummaging through the shops ”bargain” bin. More often than not I wouldn’t find anything worthy of my pocket money but, occasionally I did and let me tell you, it was like scoring a goal in the World cup final the feeling of allocation spreading through my body, the blood rising to my cheeks as I spotted my bargain out in the wild, somehow ignored by all the other shoppers ( one mans treasure is another’s gold) and somehow inexplicably reduced. I had the same routine as soon as I found my prize and  claimed it as my own the feeling of elation would subside and in its place, paranoia would rise. It could never be this easy I thought, it must be a misprint, this feeling would be with my hanging over my shoulder until I reached the till, nagging me all the way, telling me to put it back to walk away, the price was wrong, once I got to the till, the barcode would be scanned the error pointed out and the real price would be revealed, a price I couldn’t afford. Thankfully it never happened but, still even now in a time when I do most of my shopping on line, I still can’t resist a sale, convincing my self to always over buy, its easy the initial game I wanted to buy was, what 50% off that means I have the remainder of money to spend on other games? That are also on sale, Its silly, stupid and I cant stop the smell of the hunt intoxicates me. Leads me to buy things I will probably never play all in the name of the bargain.

Maybe one day I will change