I lost an argument

Do graphics matter? That the question put to me this afternoon. I was trying to persuade a friend to finally upgrade his PS3 and to move onto a nice shiny PS4. He wouldn’t have it. I don’t need to he said, I don’t want to he said. I tried to convince him otherwise, I lead with all the new games he is missing out on I named ratchet and Clank, Bloodborne and Metal Gear Solid 5 as the obvious choices all great games and it helped that he was going through my PS Plus folder at the time.

He came  back at me with a counter argument and its annoying me for he said the following about the above games.

Bloodborne. It’s too hard. I had to agree with him there. I have practiced and practiced and I still can’t play it with any kind of skill. I have decided it’s not really a game about killing various monsters, It’s a puzzle game. The question just happens to be ”how can I kill this monster” and you practice and practice until you reach the answer. Or give up with a scream and throw your controller across the room as I have very recently done. I never was any good at puzzle games.

Metal Gear Solid V

Is that the where you go around hiding in boxes? He said. Yes I had to agree you do spend some of your time moving around under the cover of a box. But,it is more than that . It isn’t just a box simulator. You get to steal people and send them to your secret base tied to a balloon. He smiled at this and I thought I had a winner until he asked for more details, which of course I couldn’t give as I have only ever played the first half of the game due to the horrible squeaky noise he makes as he runs. The sound, that is made as the characters run makes my teeth hurt.

Have a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3IIyU9T4qv4

Ratchet and Clank

With Ratchet and Clank we hit a little nerve here. After all the PS4 Ratchet and Clank is a remake of the original PS2 version of Ratchet and Clank from 2002 and a game we have both played before. But, it is lovely, its been completely remade for the PS4 and is one of the prettiest games on the console. It is as if you are watching a cartoon. To which he answered the whole reason for this blog. Do the graphics matter? To which I had to answer yes. It may make me shallow, but I think he is missing something, and its something you might agree with me. It’s not just the graphics that have improved over years. It’s that everything else has improved along with the graphics, the story lines, no longer scripts not even considered to be B movies but now good enough and developed enough to be considered works of art. I lost again for he asked me to two examples of great story telling in games and the first two that popped into my head were The Last of Us and Mass Effect 3. Both PS3 games and I felt stupid. Really stupid. I came back with Life is Strange and felt even more stupid. Clearly the graphics don’t matter as much as I thought they do. As long as the story is great.

I did eventually get him to concede a point though. It was Resogun that did it, The fantastic shooter released way back with the PS4, and only then with a side by side comparison of the game on PS3 and PS4 the partical effects are impossible on the PS3.

Thank you partical effects.


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  1. You can’t play Mass Effect Andromeda or Last of Us 2 on a PS3 and there are plenty of other valid examples of games with amazing stories that you won’t find on PS3. There are also a ton of great games with old retro graphics that are on PS4 and not PS3 too. I imagine there’s something more to this than just graphics though. If it was really that simple why did they even get a PS3 instead of just sticking with a PS2 or PS1? Sounds like they’re just not that into gaming.

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    1. He’s getting more and more into gaming all the time. Trying to get him ever more hooked by showing an ever increasing range of games. What are your favourite PS3 stories?


      1. PS3: Nier, Drakengard 3, Last of Us, Metal Gear. I’d put Dragon Age Origins and Mass Effect trilogy in there though I actually played those on PC.

        PS4: Nier Automata, Soma, Prey, Horizon Zero Dawn, Outlast 2, and surprisingly Call of Duty Black Ops 3.

        Oh, and various Telltale games which I’m not entirely sure when they stopped making them on PS3.

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      2. That’s a great list. I have just started Dragon Age on the Xbox, played about 10 hours and the story still has me interested – which is unusual for me and RPG’s normally once the fetch quests and the grinding starts I usually loose interest. Tell tales The Wolf Among us is one of my favourite gaming stories.

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  2. I suppose the point they’re making is that they’re happy with what they have, which is fine. Even then, I don’t think upgrading comes down to how pretty thegraphics are, it’s moremdown to what experiences are on the system. I got a PS4 for Bloodborne and Until Dawn, both very pretty games, but I got them becuase I really wanted to play them rather than marvel at the well crafted character models. Although, that did help.

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    1. He is right he shouldn’t have to get one just for better looking graphics. I was never going to win it. His favourite games are Towerfall and Broforce, neither graphical powerhouses but, great games.

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