My Favourite PSVR Games

After some long deliberation and far too much – Just one more go to see if it is really that good. I have decided to publish my very own top five PSVR list. Basically, because I love a list and in no relation at all to me buying a game I already own. Anyway on we go:


Thumper PSVR add on

Strange to start with a game that may have just been an after thought I know. But the PSVR add on is an incredible addition to an already incredible. The game in its Vanilla format is tuff, hard and unforgiving the bends and turns coming at you an incredible speed where even the smallest mistake is punished. The VR update holds a small Olive branch out to the player. It gives you a very and I mean tiny glimmer of hope.  Two examples of this are: 1 the added immersion. Before the player was directly in contact with the game but only watching your little beetle creature hurtle along the track, the controls were passive, failure was frustrating but expectable. Now we ARE the Beetle no longer looking at the little guy from a far, we are fighting with him, the player now is him. It’s fight for survival is your fight for survival. Failure is suddenly not an option.  Secondly and probably more importantly is the camera is set to a different height. Silly I know but this added height gives you a new perspective on the tracks, the player can now see the bends and turns a few seconds a welcome relief and a chance to warm your reflexes up in advance. Not forgetting if you are wearing the headset you may as well use headphones and well and really enjoy that soundtrack

Wipeout PSVR

Probably shouldn’t launch into another racer straight away but, this a is another fantastic addition the VR’s ever expanding library. I said a lot about this game in a separate game article so I am not going to bore you again but, wow this is another standard setter for the future of VR another standard set for just how good the medium could be. If you liked the original and have a VR headset go and grab it



Until Dawn Rush of Blood

In a word this game is terrifying. absolutely 100% terrifying. That’s why it makes this list. Never has a game scared me this much, yes the scares may only be of the cheap jump variety. You know there coming but, you can’t stop them. In fact let me tell you a little story about me and this game, a confession if you will. Late one night I was playing alone and in the dark (so very cliché) but there I was Move controllers in hands waving them for all there worth and then the game started to throw in few curve balls the sounds started to change, creepy sights were just on my perphial vision. The game was setting itself up for one of its moments. A BIG JUMP SCARE was incoming my heart rate picked up the adrenaline started to kick in. I was ready. Or I thought I was, the BIG JUMP SCARE came too early two terrifying ”witches” popped straight up into my view. There hands outstretched ready to grab me to kill me. I lost it. Completely. I dropped the move controllers straight to the ground, the guns could no longer defend me, I tore the headset of my head setting off another level of panic as I had forgotten to take the headphones of I  was briefly trapped unable to realise why, stuck in a mess of cables. Cables that now felt like tentacles, dragging to drag me away. Still I wasn’t finished it once free of the headset and cables I finally dragged the headset of my face and flinging that piece of technology to the ground I almost did something that would have been very stupid and very costly I almost stamped on it. Yes almost stamped on my VR headset. Just to be free, of those terrible demons. It’s a great if terrifying – (which I may have said before) game.


Is it a game? Is it an experience? Its a tuff one to call. One the experience side you have; the run time the games is 90 minutes long. Not much for a game but a great run time for an experience. Secondly you have the game in its self, you don’t actually do much and everything you do has been done before in previous Arkham games. You are lead along, hand holding is very evident here, even in the few fights scenes or detective scenarios you are never left entirely to your own devices, its very much a look at this this thing wouldn’t it be great if you could solve this problem with it? Its a problem. On the game side you have incredible immersion. You are Batman, Yes a hand held Batman that doesn’t get to go off the lease but never the less, its the closest any of us will ever come to being Batman. Plus those Batarangs are thrown from your hands nobody elses. Add in a fantastic, if familiar Batman tale and you have got a great Batman game/ experience. Its a great time.

Rez Infinite

This list is in no order. Apart from this game. Rez is my number one. It is THE game on PSVR an absolute killer an app. I have seen all of the emotions that people display in the advert above, displayed in front of me by people playing the game in my house. Its an incredible achievement, a truly wondrous thing.

The only thing I would say about it is that  I feel at least that you have to play it in it’s traditional mode first. Silly I know but it will prepare you for what is to come. Call it a gateway to a magical new world if you will. With the traditional mode setting you up for what to expect, with Area X exceeding those expectations at every turn. Its only short at some 30 minutes but with three different final boss battles and the wonderful soundtrack never ever getting old. Its a game that demands be to played in VR if you have the headset. I just want to be there more to spend more time in that world.

Honourable mentions.

With the PSVR library ever expanding there is some games that didn’t quite make the list and would of made a top ten list. They are:

Headmaster. A lovely little odditie of a game. Played it on the demo disk and didn’t quite get it. Picked up the full game on sale and now it makes sense. Plus it has a multiplayer side as well.

Farpoint . An almost fantastic game. Crash land on an alien planet and fight for your survival. Works wonderfully with move controller and the closest to an AAA experience so far.

Not played yet:

Moss. Can anything live up this level of hype. The reviews look fantastic can’t wait to play this.


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  1. I can’t really add much here, but I got to try PSVR for the first time last night with Superhot, and it was tremendous fun. Taking the headset off was insanely disorienting!

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