BBC Sport VR App

The BBC somehow knowing my that two of my favourite things… are football and gaming have decided to give me an early birthday present in the form of the just released BBC Sport VR app.

An app that does exactly what it says on the tin. Letting any one with a VR headset (as long as they live in the UK) download the BBC sport app, just remember there are  two BBC Sport Apps in the PlayStation store the old one and now the new BBC Sport app with the words VR below the main header.

On loading the APP (on PSVR at least)  You will be shown a picture of your controller with basic instructions of what the buttons on the controller, change screen view, you can select to view from behind either goal or from a side view of the pitch. Once you have selected where you want to ”sit” the app opens up and your in the game.

Its not perfect.

Its a very stylish app and its really good looking for World Cup viewers in the UK. Sadly your not actually in a seat in the stadium but in the actual BBC studios in Russia. sadly there is no Alan Shearer or Gary Lineaker sitting next to you trying to eat your crisps, but its an exact replica of the studio, the large window at front of the studio is where you view the game from, but for some reason you stand behind the studio couch. A little odd but maybe it helps with motion sickness for some people, Or it could just be that the couch on the screen is where my couch should be and my set up is wrong?

The picture?

Its okay the main picture is slightly blurry but that could depend on your internet connection and I also think that the picture from Russia isn’t perfect. I have HD on my SKY box with a full HD TV and the picture quality when watching either FA Cup football or regular premiership games on SKY is a bit better.

There is a few other strange decisions. With the main screen picture not being perfect the BBC have decided to add, just above the main screen another screen similar to how you would watch the game if you were actually at the game, when the action is up the other end or to watch a replay. Its a much better picture then the one in your main view and I find my eyes drifting back to that screen to see the action, when the main screen is a little too blurry.


Its a great app though and at only 1GB and the wonderful price of free I think any football fans out there should pick it up.


Forgive the rushed post. I have to get back to the Peru v Denmark game 🙂

It seems to be UK only as you are asked if you have a TV Licence when you start the APP. If you don’t live in the UK you won’t have one.