Aren’t games great?

Trick question. Of course they are.

in fact they are fantastic. They lets us to pretend to be people we could never be, from pilots, to Wrestlers, footballers to assassins (well I hope no body has ever wanted to be an assassin). Games let us live fantasy lives, experience things we will never see in our own lives, and yet, ever through all the wonder games have given to us. I think that there could be maybe, too many games around at the moment? All vying for our attention. All of our backlogs are too big, and yet the deluge never stops, every week more games are released then we could ever play. Could we be in a place, where we need to take a break, hit pause, relax and take a few minutes to look at the (virtual) trees


Nintendo don’t seem to agree?

No the big N in its pursuit of even more games, it seems to want everything that has ever released to come to the Switch, and it wants them on a weekly basis. I don’t know if you heard, but Nintendo wants to release anywhere between 20-30 new games onto the Nintendo e store ever week. Yep, that’s right, Nintendo wants to release 20-30 new games every. Single. Week. How is that possible? Of course Nintendo can release as many games as it wants its a company, and I guess its primary goal is to make as much money as possible. It just happens to be a company that makes games, and has made some of the greatest games of all time. Nintendo know how long it takes to make a great game. The recent Mario and Zelda games must have been in development for years. There not something you can just churn out on demand. Nintendo have to know that, they will know that.

Mobile platforms to the rescue

I guess it was no mistake in Nintendo making the Switch such an easy platform to work with, there are many, many games now being ported over to cover the demand for releases.

Shovel ware

Its just a worry, that many of the games won’t be any good. Won’t be worth playing at all, just rushed half jobs released to a schedule and I wont more than that from my games makers. Surely there is a responsibility to the player? To do the best you can, to release the product in the best possible state.

The same way as the Wii

The Wii. The one that started it all. propelled gaming into a state not seen since the mid 80’s suddenly every one was playing games. Okay it was mainly bowling or baseball but even your granny was playing a game. No wonder were we shunned to the gunner with a hobby that no one understood. Every one wanted a Wii and with that came a hunger for new games as people looked for new things to wave their shiny Wii wands at. With that hunger came a gold rush for publishers that had to push their product out quick before people moved onto the next new thing. Games were released that were less than good, a lot of games were released that were less than perfect and Nintendo seemed perfectly happy with this situation, quality control went out the window. Maybe Nintendo found it easier to release their games this way its a lot easier to be the best games released on a system when no one else is releasing good games.

Sad but true.

Don’t get me wrong Nintendo aren’t alone in this practice, Sony and Microsoft are both as bad releasing as many games as possible eager to feed an ever hungrier public, looking for the next new thing. I have started to feel sorry for games reviewers. We clamber for reviews of everything and yet how can everything be reviewed with the average game taking anywhere from 8-10 hours to finish a site or magazine would need a time of hundreds just to keep on top of the weekly releases

Will someone care about the cracks

The main issue I have with the rampant releases is the games that are missed. Where would the next Stardew Valley come from? If no one spotted it on the release schedule. Would we miss the next Shovel Knight? passed over unloved as the few lines of text next to game, just didn’t catch enough people’s imagination?

Maybe I am being over dramatic. People can only buy so many games, once the initial rush has passed, it will calm down go back to a normal state of affairs. Hopefully