Sometimes the World almost agrees with you. Naughty Nintendo

Trawling through my local video game shops today, I noticed a distinct lack of Nintendo Switch games available to buy in fact in two of the shops I visited today neither had any Switch games for sale at all. I wonder if it’s just that the games are just not selling and there is no point displaying them but quickly gave up on that theory as both shops displayed a coming soon sign over an empty Nintendo Switch box, Maybe its just that it’s the summer holidays and all the mummies and daddies have rushed in and swooped down like a hungry pack of rats buying anything Switch related just to give their little cherubs something to do in their summer holidays. Or and this is my third and final theory maybe there just isn’t that many Nintendo games with actual physical releases out in the wild? Now hear me out when did you see any, actual boxed games apart from the usual suspects of Mario Odyssey, Zelda, Mario kart, Splatoon 2 and the occasional copies of Mario + the  Rabbids Kingdom  and in ever rarer cases Mario Tennis. It’s not often is it? No, if it can’t be something that can be easily added to a birthday or Christmas list Nintendo don’t seem interested in an actual physical release.

So, I asked myself,

Wouldn’t it great if Nintendo actually started releasing some of their Nindies, the biggest and most popular of the Nintendo indie scene as actual physical boxed games? Wouldn’t it be great to hold a copy of Golf Story or Celeste in your hands? To run the disc through your fingers (be careful of smudges) before popped itno the top of the Switches, underused disc drive. To lend it to a friend? Well imagine the shock I got this afternoon as I returned from the shopping expedition only to find that Nintendo had somehow how read my thoughts and soon there would be actual physical Nintendo games releasing in shops in Europe!!!

Even Better.

There was a list of what was to come. The list is


Darkest Dungeon

Dead Cells


Hollow Knight

Shovel Knight

Stardew Valley

Night in the Woods

Yes I thought, next time I’m off to the shops I can come back with an armful of Nintendo games. How wonderful I thought

Then I read further down the page and realised that the games will only be available as download codes. Yes, the kick in the teeth I hadn’t seen coming. The ”games” were nothing more than boxes with a line of code inside, can you think of a worse present to give someone. Its like getting them a gift where they still have to put some effort in to make it work.

Proving once again that if the universe does hear, it’s not above teasing you 🙂




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  1. LimitedRunGames does fantastic work bringing Nindies to physical editions. Lots of the games you mentioned have already been released on PS4, Vita, and some are fourthcoming on Switch within a few months!

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