Astro Bot – initial impressions

If you have had the chance to play The Playroom VR you will probably have seen the little robots that populate all the games in the demo, after providing an initial draw in the strange Playstation curio the Playroom, the ”game” that came with the PlayStation camera, the little bots have moved on from camera to VR demo and have now, finally been given their proper dues with a full release in the shape of Astro Bot.

Japan Studio the go-to guys Sony seem to call upon if they want something a little strange or a little different have taken all of the talents learnt with the Playstation VR Worlds and have in my initial playthrough of World one ( I think there is five in total) have created a game unlike any other I have played. Its simply put a joy to play, if you have a VR headset or access to one I, again only on an initial hour with the game can not rate this game highly enough. It passes everything test I have come to look for in VR games, it creates an enormous sense of scale almost at once you forget you are standing in your living room and are transported into a cartoon wonderland filled with colourful characters, tons of stuff to do an enormous sense of scale the first boss alone creates such a sense of scale that it made me stand back, forgetting that the TV was in fact strapped to my head and not something I could stand back from. Most importantly of all it is fun to play, for most of my playthrough so far has been one with a grin strapped across my face as I jump hop and skip across obstacles. It is a real joy.

Plus there is a demo coming out next week, for all those still on the fence.



4 thoughts on “Astro Bot – initial impressions

    1. Oh wow. What a great entry point to VR. Its such an incredible game and one made by a company that clearly knows how the get the best out of the technology. Which are you going to play next?


      1. After Astro Bot, I also played through Moss which was fun and charming though not on the Astro Bot level for me. Other than that I have just been trying some demos and I played a bit of the Psychonauts VR game, not sure what to think of it yet. What else would you recommend? I’d like to play Superhot, Job Simulator and maybe Doom VFR at some point soon too.

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      2. Superhot and Rez are my two favourite VR games. You need the Move controllers for Superhot though and for Rez I would recommend playing through a couple of the levels that have been converted to VR before jumping into Arena X. The jump to VR and effects in Arena X are truly staggering. Farpoint is good too.


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